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  • At What Age Should a Child Have a Say-So in Shared Parenting Agreements?

    A broken relationship is hard on everyone. When two people have decided to build a life together and made the attempt, having that life ripped apart can be devastating. Finances, property and even friendships are split. Emotions often overrule logic. But many times it is the innocent bystanders -- the children -- who are hurt the most.

  • How Can I Get Visitation Rights?

    Unwed fathers may be able to get visitation rights by presenting a petition to court. This process can be complex and often requires the assistance of an experienced family law lawyer to ensure that these rights are pursued and preserved.

  • Failure to Contest Paternity

    Paternity is a complex matter when the father is unknown or has no certain claim on a child within a relationship or marriage. He may lose access to, visitation with and rights of fatherhood when he does not contest the paternity of a child, or he could suffer through child support when he has not engaged in paternity contesting when the fatherhood is questionable.

  • False Allegations of Domestic Violence and the Effect on Child Custody

    When the mother or father receives charges of domestic violence, he or she may lose temporary custody of the children in the marriage or relationship unless quick legal action prevents the activity. The possibility of losing all visitation with children is one outcome of allegations that succeed in disrupting the life of the father or mother.

  • Failure to Assert Parental Rights

    When the father of a child in a marriage or relationship does not assert his paternal rights, he could lose participation in or visitation with the childís life and watch as another raises him or her. Failing to protect and assert paternal rights could lead to penalization in the courts for the father, and may end in a negative outcome for him later.

  • How Can I Get Child Custody?

    When the parents of a child are no longer together, they may disagree about who should have custody of their children. They may think that they are each the best parent to raise the child. However, obtaining child custody is often difficult, especially for fathers.

  • Who Gets Automatic Custody of a Child if Parents Arenít Married?

    Married parents often have more custody rights to their children than in the situation of unwed parents. It is important to understand what rights are present in this situation. If you would like to be involved in your childís life, you may have to take proactive steps to ensure this is a possibility.

  • Pennsylvania Divorce Proceedings with Visitation Rights

    When one spouse divorces the other in Pennsylvania, it is important to know what visitation rights are available to the parent without primary or full custody of affected children. Often the father is the one seeking visitation to see his kids and knowing what his rights in these matters and may provide him with the means to engage in parental activities.

  • Acquiring Personal Jurisdiction in a Military Divorce Case

    Military divorce cases tend to be more complicated than other types of divorce cases. One of the primary areas of concern and contention is achieving jurisdiction over the service member, the military pension, child custody and child support. Federal and state laws impact these factors.

  • Military Divorce and Child Custody: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Provisions

    Child custody can be contentious in any case. However, it can be more complicated in cases involving military personnel because of the uncertainty surrounding future deployments overseas or assignments that are stateside. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides protections for military personnel related to legal cases filed against them.

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