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  • Modifying Parenting Plans Years after a Divorce

    Parenting plans setup through the courts by judgment may change depending on certain factors when both ex-spouses are willing to alter previous plans. The timeframe to make these changes may depend on the state, and any other factors usually greatly involve both parents that ensure the upbringing of the child is taken care of in these situations.

  • Physical versus Legal Custody in New York State

    New York recognizes two types of custody: legal and physical. Either or both types of custody may be sole or joint in nature. Additionally, more courts are recognizing the parents’ ability to negotiate their own terms and parenting plans so that the legal designations are not as stringent as they were years ago.

  • Who Gets the Family Pet in New York Divorce Cases?

    It is common in divorce cases for spouses not to agree on how to divide their property. They may also disagree as to which party should have custody of their children. Family pets are another point of contention in these families, and the parties may have very strong feelings about who should get the family pet.

  • Washington DC Child Custody Arrangement Options

    Child custody arrangements are often difficult to manage when both parents are attempting to acquire primary custody. There are diverse options available based on the circumstances, and the divorced or separated couple should research and understand each before proceeding through a court.

  • Unique Issues Involved in Same-Sex Divorces in North Carolina

    Same sex marriages are not recognized in North Carolina, and this causes severe complications for the married spouses when they need to dissolve the relationship. Because the state deems these marriages as nonexistent, the couple must seek additional legal help to ensure the divorce is valid and fully ends the relationship.

  • Differences in Legal Fathers and Biological Fathers and Their Legal Duties

    There are differences in legal and biological fathers, and the legal duties of each are different as well which may affect the family unit, cause problems or resolve issues. When the father starts out as a biological parent, he is able to become the legal definition of a father through his own actions and how he presents himself to the child.

  • Steps to Take to Secure Your Family Law Goals in Florida Cases

    Some steps that you should take to secure your family law goals in your Florida case include:

  • Biological Parents Unfit – Can I Win Guardianship of My Grandkids

    When the biological parents are unfit to take care of their own children, it may be time for the grandparents to step in and acquire guardianship for a more loving and nurturing house. However, in order for this to occur, the grandparents must understand how to proceed and what is required of them in these situations.

  • Hiring Guide on Family Law Expert Witness

    For various issues within or about a family, a lawyer may hire a family law expert witness to assist with explaining numerous complications and problems that are related to a case. The hiring of these professionals should be relevant to the incident, and this could lead to hiring a professionals with a different background than would be expected such as a psychologist or medical professional.

  • Bird Nesting Divorce Plan: Is It a Good Idea?

    Bird nesting is a term derived from the actions of divorced parents who co-parent from a single home living with their children, instead of moving to separate homes.

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