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  • Will I Lose My Parental Rights if I am Incarcerated?

    Incarceration can take away many rights for the individual but parental rights are not usually among these unless the person has no contact with children for a consecutive number of months. However, the state can file to terminate parental rights based on a serious criminal conviction for crimes that are severe in scope and factors.

  • Parents Who Lie at a Family Custody Hearing – Are Perjury Charges Possible?

    If one of the parents lies during a family custody hearing when attempting to acquire custody of the child from the marriage, it is possible that this activity can cause severe detriment to the case before the judge. While the civil remedies are often at an extreme limit, the other parent’s case may gain strength because of the deception presented.

  • Paternal Leave in Same-Sex Couples - What Are the Legal Options

    Maternal leave is a standard right for many expecting mothers, but paternal leave is usually unheard of in the United States because the father usually has the job and is acquiring income during the pregnancy period. However, when it comes to same-sex couples, if there are two fathers, one may need to take time off work to ensure the care of a new child in the family.

  • How Is Child Custody Determined When Parents Live in Different Countries?

    When two parents live in separate countries, child custody may progress through various rules and guidelines that are vastly different than in the United States depending on the court system of the nation. The possibility of a complication in this procedure increases significantly if the child has a physical home away from the country.

  • Parent's Mental Illness May Affect a Child Custody Case

    Child custody in most states relies upon several factors that can increase or decrease the claim of each parent which also includes the mental faculties and capabilities of the parent in how he or she can raise and ensure the well-being of the youth. If the individual is not handling mental illness properly or taking the necessary medication, he or she can lose the custody case.

  • Unusual Celebrity Co-Parenting Schedule in California

    Since divorcing last year, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have not followed a “consistent or formal” co-parenting schedule or custody arrangement. Channing, in prioritizing his relationship with their daughter Everly, has hopes that having an official custody arrangement will help the five-year-old “thrive even more.”

  • Did Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Impact Amazon?

    After Jeff Bezos announced his divorce in January, investors paused to see which route Amazon was going to take. If you follow the stock market, it’s clear that Amazon stock was hit hard in 2018. Various reasons contributed, but stockholders couldn’t help but ask, ” was Bezos distracted with his divorce when Amazon was having issues?”

  • Can Family Court Object to Unique Child Custody Arrangements?

    There are many different family plans and arrangements regarding child custody that are possible depending on the judge, the court and the type of resolution sought by the family. When seeking to approve the unique child custody arrangement, it is important to have detailed information and a clear reason why that plan is the best option for the child and family.

  • Legal Separation vs. Divorce: Key Legal Differences

    When a person wants to dissolve a marriage, he or she will often seek to first enter into a legal separation before ending the relationship, but the divorce is often the next step in these situations. There are certain legal differences that are important for both spouses to understand when seeking to engage in one of these processes.

  • Can I Prevent My Pregnant Daughter from Getting Emancipated?

    Pregnancy and emancipation often go hand in hand when the youth has a better chance of both raising the newborn and protections in a new household than when living with parents, and this often leads to seeking emancipation. If the parents want to prevent the pregnant daughter from acquiring emancipation, they will need a clear reason why the pregnant youth should stay home.

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