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  • Expert Witness on Whether Claimant is Malingering

    When an expert witness is hired, he or she is usually part of the proceedings to prove or explain some aspect of the case that others are unable to comprehend. When a claimant may be malingering, the expert could prove this is true or false based on the factors surrounding the claim.

  • Equifax Data Beach: Can They be Sued for Negligence?

    A data breach to a company is usually the result of someone that hacked into the secured files and then distributed the information to another party or to the public. Liability, negligence or deliberately dispensing this material to an external source may be held against the organization, but there are certain factors and elements that may need to be proven first.

  • Expert Witness Explains Damages Associated with Scars

    Scar tissue has the potential to cause problems for someone when he or she must undergo surgery, after a procedure has been completed and at other times when healthcare processes are necessary. When damage has been caused or sustained due to scar and scar tissue, it often takes an expert witness to explain this to the judge or jury.

  • Criminology Expert Witness Explains Application of Forensic Sociology in Civil Cases

    Cases that involve the need for forensic sociology usually have various applications, processes and methods derived from the hired criminology expert witness. Understanding these and how they are needed for civil litigation is necessary for a lawyer to research the experts available and pick the proper one for his or her case.

  • GM Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Emissions Cheating on Chevy and GMC Duramax Diesel Trucks

    A class action lawsuit has been filed against General Motors accusing the company of installing an diesel emissions "defeat device" on thousands of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks. GM is the latest automaker to face allegations of emissions cheating, following earlier lawsuits filed against Volkswagen, Audi, and Chrysler.

  • Expert Witness Explains Complications Involved in Kidney Stone Surgery

    Medical procedures are fraught with difficulty even in the best circumstances. This means an expert witness should be hired to explain these matters and how they affect the victim of healthcare procedures for compensation, resolution to injury and moving forward from the incident.

  • Expert Witness Describes Best Practices when Designing a Warning Label

    Warning labels are crucial for understanding the limits and restrictions of how products and items may be used. Without these items, someone could be injured, and this makes an expert witness important to cases so they are able to explain how the best practices exist and why these are imperative when designing and using warning labels.

  • What Factors Influence Jurors when Evaluating the Testimony of Expert Witnesses

    Expert Witness testimony usually has a steep basis in fact, method and process with scientific data and other evidence as a foundation. This may influence how the jurors evaluate the testimony, but other factors may exist that alter their perceptions.

  • How to Work with a Construction Expert Witness in Complex Litigation

    Expert witness selection is important for cases with complex litigation. For this, it is often imperative to hire someone specialized in the field of study or subject in the courtroom, and this may provide a better chance at success when testimony assists the plaintiff in seeking compensation.

  • Financial Reports Prepared by Expert Witnesses: Anatomy and Application

    Financial expert witnesses evaluate and prepare the reports dealing with financial matters. They are able to understand the specifics, apply various elements to the reports and assist the judge or jury in comprehending the more complicated matters that pertain to the case.

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