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  • How to Draft a Consumer Protection Demand Letter under Massachusetts G.L.C.93A, Sec. 9

    Litigation involving claims of unfair or deceptive business practices under Chapter 93A is, to say the least, a frequent occurrence in Massachusetts civil cases. Quite often, Chapter 93A claims are a mechanism for a plaintiff to potentially recovery multiple damages against a business including, attorney's fees, costs, and interest.

  • Disaster Losses and Gains for Businesses

    Disaster losses occur with frequency when a natural disaster occurs in the area which affects the possible gains in profits and revenue. The potential for profit in the year is subsequently damaged to the point that the Internal Revenue Service provides tax deductions to the company for the previous year with an amended return.

  • Finding an Attorney to Help Negotiate Your Commercial Lease in San Diego

    Your corporate office space, warehouse or manufacturing facilities play a crucial role in the success of your business. An effective commercial lease ensures your company receives the maximum benefit while protecting you from hidden costs or “accelerators.”

  • Can You Back Out of a Deal if You have not Signed the Agreement?

    Real estate deals between the buyer and seller are complicated, full of paperwork and several processes must be completed before the closing is even within sight. However, backing out of the deal is often difficult and there is money that exchanges hands that could be forfeit if the buyer wants to remove himself or herself before contracts are signed.

  • Ins and Outs of Buy Sell Agreements

    Buy-sell agreements establish important rules regarding when co-owners are able to buy each other out, when an owner can sell an interest, when an owner can buy another owner’s interest and what price is ultimately required to be paid. Carefully preparing a buy sell agreement can protect business owners’ interests for years to come. The agreement guides the buyout process.

  • Proactive Steps to Prepare Your Business for Sale

    A business can be a solid investment for many individuals. However, investors may turn away from a prospective sale if the proper prep work has not been laid. Individuals who plan to sell their business can take several proactive steps to properly prepare for this process.

  • What Is a Registered Agent for a Business?

    A registered agent for a business plays many fundamental roles in the business. Additionally, state law may require a registered agent in order for the business to maintain its separate legal identity.

  • Guide to Purchasing a Business

    If you are interested in buying a business, you may consider purchasing an existing business rather than starting from scratch. There are several advantages to this approach. However, there are important things for you to understand before taking the leap into business ownership.

  • What Are the Benefits of Franchising a Business?

    Purchasing a franchise over launching a new business has many benefits, but there are some drawbacks as well. For the person considering this option, he or she should research these matters fully before initiates the purchase with the franchisor and know what the entire situation will entail.

  • Potential Liabilities When Purchasing a Business

    Purchasing a business poses several risks to the person buying. There are various liabilities that could affect the new owner based on certain actions, but the purchase itself could have negative consequences such as equity over asset buyouts and if there debts that must be satisfied by the previous owner.

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