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  • Anti-SLAPP Motions in California

    The U.S. court system handles a vast array of civil lawsuits, from small personal or business disputes to massive corporate matters. In any system of this size, abuses are bound to happen. One notable abuse of the judicial system involves the strategic use of meritless lawsuits, known as SLAPPs, to silence or suppress dissent, criticism, or certain other constitutionally protected activities. California law provides strong protections for businesses and people who are subjects of a SLAPP.

  • Cellphone Data Forensics Expert Witness Testimony

    Unraveling the specifics in cellphone data is complex and could lead to complicated situations without an expert to testify and provide additional details. These experts have tasks that permit them to break down the software and GPS information within the electronic so that others may understand how it connects to the case.

  • The Effects of Multiple Expert Witnesses on One Case

    Experts are often the best way to mitigate damage to a case and prove certain aspects that may ensure success for the client in receiving compensation. However, if there are multiple experts added to the claim, this could prove either beneficial or they could severely cause negative consequences which may end in failure.

  • Protecting the Rights of Minority Shareholders and Dissenting Shareholders in San Diego

    What should you know about protecting the rights of minority shareholders and dissenting shareholders in San Diego California? California has granted specific rights to minority shareholders of corporations who are based in California, even if the company was formed under the corporate laws of another state such as a “Delaware Corporation.”

  • What Are the Elements for a Tortious Interference Claim under California Law?

    The law of contracts governs a wide range of business and commercial activity, allowing individuals and businesses to take risks with the knowledge that they have legal recourse. Breach of contract claims, however, are only possible between parties to a binding contract. This does not cover many situations in which someone else interferes in a contractual or economic relationship.

  • Why a Lawyer Should Use an Expert Witness Agency

    An agency may be utilized in hiring expert witnesses for a variety of reasons, and the lawyer may find this situation more beneficial than seeking each one out individually. The company that connects the professional to the lawyer does all the grunt and background work to provide the best experience for the pay given in exchange for the services.

  • Unearthing Contradictory Testimony from Expert Witness

    It takes research, dedication and long hours to discover if an expert witness has provided contradictory testimony in a previous case or a connected claim to the current issue. Revealing these matters could disqualify an expert that has been hired to by the defendant or plaintiff, and it could lead to further scrutiny of the case which may lead to other discoveries.

  • Potential Problems with Expert Witness Training and Certification Programs

    Expert witnesses may need certification and additional training to keep up with the wants and needs of lawyers that hire these professionals for various cases. However, what is considered qualified to one lawyer does not necessarily follow to the next, and this could lead to problems with what types of certification is needed and which training should be pursued.

  • Federal and State Agency Hearing Defense for San Diego Employers

    Employers in San Diego and across California face an ever-increasing landscape of employee based claims and litigation. Federal cases with the U.S. Department of Labor or U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission are often based upon violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA or violations such as discrimination or wage discrimination in lower income jobs.

  • Using a Trial Consultant to Vet Expert Witness

    There are times when the initial expert witness hired does not make it through the interview the judge or opposing legal counsel. When this occurs or a lawyer needs help in finding certain expert witnesses, he or she may use a consultant to determine which professional is best for the trial case and what characteristics are needed based on the evidence and field of study.

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