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  • Private Investigators Help Prevent Catfishing Schemes

    Catfishing schemes have become more common as social media presence has increased over time. They often lure unsuspecting victims in, potentially costing them time, money and frustration.

  • When Electronic Snooping Is Illegal

    Electronic snooping has been determined to be a form of fraud through the use of computers by federal laws in certain instances. Felony charges may be issued to those that snoop in this manner, as information is stolen and terrorism may occur through cyber attacks and computer-related crime.

  • Top Dos and Doníts of Cyber Crimes

    Since the technological boom, crimes involving computers and the internet have been on the rise. These are usually referred to as cyber crimes. Because of this, laws have had to evolve to deal with these new and creative ways to break the law to include advanced law enforcement policies, lawyer assistance and how judges handle these cases.

  • When Virtual Crimes become Crimes IRL

    Virtual crimes are committed through the use of digital software, the internet and computers. Virtual outlets such as The Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens and various others are allowing this crime to be committed through virtual reality hardware with a software interface.

  • When Is a Cybercrime Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Committed?

    Some situations of cybercrime have become so complicated that it takes multiple courts to determine if the crime falls under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. One such case was tried against someone that convinced his friends to access unauthorized information for them after he had left the company.

  • Defining Internet Crimes

    The internet is a multifaceted place that involves at least millions of computers across the entire world. Criminal activity is available in every corner of the physical world as well as the digital world. Anything a person may imagine could become real with the use of processing power.

  • The Difficulty of Prosecuting Claims under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

    Since the 1990s, computers and fraud have become synonymous. Many individuals have initiated crimes of fraud with various companies through the use of a personal or anonymous computer. These could be used at a personís home, through an internet cafť, a library or similar location.

  • Legal Recourse for Victims of Cyber Crimes

    Crimes in the digital world have spread throughout the world, causing billions in damages and millions more in injuries to individuals. When a hacker is involved, the fault of who is responsible may not be found.

  • How Computers Are Used to Help Commit Crimes

    The electronic age of personal computers and various devices have all been used as portals for information and various ways of communicating with others. However, there are many individuals throughout the world who have utilized these machines for committing crimes of a myriad of types.

  • Definition and Penalties of Various Internet Crimes

    The internet is rife with crimes committed by groups and individuals every year. Hackers live on the internet to change things, cause harm, steal information and commit various other activities. It is important to know what crimes are being committed and how to avoid them as well as what penalties apply when a conviction occurs.

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