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  • How to Work with a Construction Expert Witness in Complex Litigation

    Expert witness selection is important for cases with complex litigation. For this, it is often imperative to hire someone specialized in the field of study or subject in the courtroom, and this may provide a better chance at success when testimony assists the plaintiff in seeking compensation.

  • Expert Witness Testimony in Interpretation of Building Code Cases

    Building codes may require some interpretation for cases where someone has been injured or killed. This means an expert witness in building codes is hired usually to assist with testimony and an understanding about this bit of evidence for the claim.

  • Due Diligence 101: Real Estate Lawyer Assistance

    Due diligence is essential in many different aspects of business to include real estate property purchases and selling. To ensure due diligence is accomplished, those involved must investigate the situation and ensure all legal and other matters are taken care of to include provisions, conditions, contracts and any other related concerns.

  • Managing Risks with the Help of Construction Litigation Expert Witnesses

    Construction incidents are common due to a variety of factors, but it is when someone is injured that the case becomes serious. This means a construction litigation expert witness is needed to explain evidence, connect the elements together and determine liability and provide the responsible party to the judge or jury.

  • What to Know When Buying Your First Commercial Property

    Buying commercial property may be a complicated matter, and because of this it is important to know as much about the situation and circumstances of commercial property as possible before the dealings are finalized. It is important to ask as many questions as necessary up front and before anything starts.

  • Caveat Emptor and the Effect on Real Estate

    There are certain principles in effect when involved in real estate dealings. One of these is caveat emptor which means that the buyer is solely responsible for the quality, suitability, sustainability and overall care of a good, service or item bought before the purchase has been finalized.

  • What Happens if there is a Fire During a Home Purchase – Who Pays?

    When becoming part of a real estate dealing, there are many different issues that may arise. These usually involve documentation complications, financing issues or a larger problem that leads to the contractual agreement being broken. However, some situations include damage of the house while the buyer and seller have not finalized everything.

  • Legal Reasons to Purchase Real Estate as an LLC

    Real estate purchases may be tricky and full of possible problems depending on where the dealing occurs, who is involved and specific regulations in place. Because of this, many find it safer and better to purchase these estates through a company transaction such as with a limited liability company.

  • Roofing Injuries and Fatality Prevention with the Help of an Expert Witness

    When persons are working on the roof, there are many risks to the health and various dangers that could lead to either serious injury or death. If the individual falls through or off the roof, he or she could break bones, suffer soft tissue damage or worse. This could be a wrongful death or liability issue if the person dies or the injuries are extensive enough to need compensation.

  • What to Know Before Hiring a Construction Accident Attorney

    You’re on a construction site and—almost out of nowhere—a large beam knocks you out, leaving you unconscious and in pain. You’ve suffered a head wound and broken your leg in the fall, causing you to stay off your feet for the next few months. Workers’ compensation might help you to a certain extent, but should you incorporate a construction accident attorney to get what you deserve?

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