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  • Texas Law Makers Mull Flood Control Projects for Houston

    According to the Texas Tribune, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and a number of Texas Republican leaders are eying a number of long-delayed flood projects that, had they been completed, would have spared thousands of Houston homes from being flooded during the deluge brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

  • Gypsy Brewers: Contract or Alternating Proprietorship?

    It's an exciting time for craft beer in Texas, and the industry is growing like wildfire. One of the benefits of being a brewer in Texas is that new laws regarding gypsy brewing have opened the playing field to all comers. But gypsy brewing, like any new business, needs careful structure and contracts in place before the excitement of hops and fermentation takes over. 

  • Bidding Process on a Federal Government Contract

    When a company has a product or service to sell, the owner may consider contracting with the United States government or a federal agency. When this process is possible, there are various steps the owner of the business should understand and research before bidding starts.

  • Key Components of a Physician’s Non-Compete Agreement

    Also known as a restrictive covenant, a noncompetition clause, or covenant not to compete, a physician non-compete agreement is a clause in the contract between the employer and physician that imposes certain limits on where a physician may practice after the employment covered by the contract ends.

  • Who's the Actual "Party" to this Contract?

    Legally, the term “party” means an individual or entity that agrees to be bound contractually to one or more other individuals or entities. All parties have specified benefits and obligations found in the contract—or a legally enforceable agreement. It’s important to ensure that you protect your interest in royalties and income going forward and that you always ensure that you have a legally enforceable right in the event of a default or other problem after a deal has been negotiated.

  • Utilizing the Federal Acquisition Regulation when Contracting with the Federal Government

    Federal government contracts require several provisions with small and larger companies that have an arrangement for business transactions. There is also a need to utilize the Federal Acquisition Regulation which has numerous clauses that explain these deals and what is necessary for business with the federal government.

  • Types of Insurance Products that Can Protect Your Business

    There are many types of insurance needed to protect the company that has been built, but many individuals are unaware they are even needed. To ensure the business is safeguarded from various incidents, problems and complications, it is important to purchase insurance and similar items that could assist in preventing possible issues from arising.

  • Legal Provisions to Consider in Restaurant Leases

    When leasing a restaurant or commercial property, it is important to consider what legal provisions may be in place or are required for the arrangement to go through. Because of these potential issues, it is crucial to know what to look for, how to research for these matters and who to contact when concerns may arise.

  • What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Franchising a Business?

    When considering buying or building a business, many individuals may feel the better option is through a franchise. However, while there are certain benefits of following through this this action, there are also drawbacks that the potential business owner needs to understand before committing to franchise business.

  • Small Businesses and the Use of the Federal Acquisition Regulation

    Small companies are in the same boat as larger corporations when it applies to the Federal Acquisition Regulation System. This process governs the obtaining of goods and services through a contract where there is a need, in acquisition planning and when contracts in administration are possible, and the business owner must understand these processes to follow them accordingly.

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