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  • Can I Back Out of a Timeshare Agreement?

    Getting out of a contractual agreement is often difficult if the final paperwork signed finalizes and then processes for all involved parties. However, if the document is still awaiting the last stages, the potential buyer may back out, or if there are cancel stipulations within a certain timeframe, the purchaser may back out legitimately.

  • Potential Remedies for Timeshare Relief

    It is when the owner of a timeshare interest wants to sell or transfer the ownership to another that a remedy is often necessary due to restrictions in the contractual agreement. Looking for relief from these situations could lead to the hire of a lawyer to assist in understanding what remedies are possible and what action to pursue.

  • Potential Hidden Fees Involved in Timeshares

    Timeshare interests purchased by a new owner may incur additional fees based on the state, city or local area where the property actually resides or additional concerns that the potential buyer is not ware of during the sale. It is important to understand these fees so that the timeshare details do not become a hardship for the new owner.

  • Car Dealership Dishonest Loan Application Tactics, Can I Report This?

    When contacting a car dealership for the first time, the individual may face illegal practices and unethical methods that attract and engage the person into buying or leasing a car. However, it is often that these processes cause the new owner financial difficulty when he or she cannot make the payments each month based on false wage details.

  • Administrative Resolutions for Timeshare Legal Issues

    There are agencies that may provide a legal resolution for timeshare issues that exist with the primary company or the previous owners that sold the timeshare to the new owner. Sometimes, it requires the filing of a complaint before any agency or person will come forward to assist with these matters in which a remedy is available.

  • SpaceX Wants $5 Million More for the Boca Chica Spaceport in Texas

    SpaceX, which has been building a spaceport at Boca Chica near Brownsville, is asking the state of Texas for $5 million more to help pay for infrastructure related to the launch facility.

  • Third-Party Software Licensing Agreements in Federal Contract Bids

    To remain in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and properly handle federal contracts, the company must ensure that third-party software licensing agreements do not cause infringement or violations with the owner. To win a bid, the owner of a company cannot commit intellectual property offenses.

  • Interstate Land Sales Act and Its Implications

    The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act affects real estate sales and projects with buyers, government agencies and legal processes. The primary goal of the ILSFDA is to prevent instances of fraud and misrepresentation of land sales through interstate traffic in how it would affect the buyer and those he or she connects to or with in these situations.

  • Gross Negligence in Real Estate Property Contracts

    When a lawyer’s hire is necessary for real estate property contracts, the issues with gross negligence may arise where there is an issue with reckless, willful or wanton misconduct involved in these situations. With the inclusion of at least one of these circumstances, the buyer or seller may face litigation and legal complications.

  • At What Point Does an Email Become a Binding Contract?

    Massachusetts, as well as other jurisdictions, have allowed emails to form the basis of a binding contract.

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