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  • Uncertainties Associated with Series LLCs

    Some states permit businesses to have numerous company organizations built and managed under one entity called a series LLC. This limited liability company may alter how business interactions and transactions work, and it may permit a wider range of liability coverage for the owners without the need to create corporations or expand the LLC into something larger.

  • Do Family Businesses Need an Operating Agreement?

    The need for an operations agreement in business arrangements is crucial to ensure transactions are able to continue even when disagreements and conflict arise. A family business is run with loved ones, and this may cloud judgment, so an operations agreement should be included in the necessary documentation to avoid future problems.

  • What Rights Do I Have as a Shareholder Against the Directors and Officers of a Corporation?

    Shareholders in a corporation have rights just as any other member of the company does. It is important to understand what rights are afforded, how they may be used when needed against directors and officers and what is necessary to ensure these rights are protected.

  • How to Start a Business on Sound and Steady Footing

    In order for a business to become successful, it generally must start on sound and steady footing before it has a chance to catch up in the markets of the electronic age. This means understanding all matters, researching and advertising to the right audience and consumer appropriately.

  • Adding a Member to Your LLC

    When the current owner or co-owners in a limited liability company have considered adding a new person, there are various factors to consider. Adding a new member is often more complicated than it first appears, and it is important that all the necessary paperwork, contracts and information are cleared before he or she becomes a member of the LLC.

  • Personal Liability for LLC Owners

    Limited liability companies (or LLCs) offer protections against personal liability, similar to corporations, and provide advantageous pass-through taxes for individuals. For these reasons, LLCs are commonly favored in California.

  • How to Convert an LLC into a Corporation

    When the owner or partners in a limited liability company feel the need to convert the LLC into a corporation, there are various factors that must be considered. The most important is the nature and purpose behind the company, and what is needed to move forward may rely upon a change in current and future business needs.

  • Resolving Disputes between Business Partners

    When business partners are unable to resolve an argument, a dispute may fester and lead to various complications. This means finding a resolution to the issue is imperative to keep the business transactions going and to ensure the company may endure through the problems these persons face.

  • Definition and Benefits of a Limited Liability Company

    A limited liability company is often what is chosen by those that are just starting out in the business world. However, knowing what these are and how they benefit the owner is both important to may protect the business owner form potential legal entanglements and complications with other matters.

  • Guide for Employers on Drafting and Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements

    Non-compete agreements are becoming increasingly common in today’s competitive marketplace. These agreements provide greater protections for employers by allowing them to restrict the actions of employees after their service is terminated. Many employers contain non-compete provisions in their employment contracts and condition the job on signing an agreement of this nature.

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