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  • Uncertainties Associated with Series LLCs

    Some states permit businesses to have numerous company organizations built and managed under one entity called a series LLC. This limited liability company may alter how business interactions and transactions work, and it may permit a wider range of liability coverage for the owners without the need to create corporations or expand the LLC into something larger.

  • What Do I Need to Know before Buying an Existing Business?

    Buying a company requires various processes before the documentation has been finalized and the ownership papers exchange hands. This means due diligence, going over provisions, understanding the financial data, asking and receiving answers to questions and knowing what is being purchased.

  • Discovery and Document Review in Business Litigation

    Businesses can find discover requests unsettling. A good business litigation attorney will be able to educate businesses on what information they may have to reveal. Read on to learn more.

  • The Requirements of an HSR Antitrust Filing for a Merger or Acquisition in the United States

    In the United States, mergers and acquisitions involving companies of a certain size must be reviewed by one of the competition authorities—the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice.

  • Retirement Planning and Exit Strategies for the Sole Proprietor

    Opportunities continue to grow for creative and hard working Americans to succeed with freelance and small business opportunities. As the structure of business continues to change with the advent of automation, outsourcing and the rapidly developing AIs and deep neural networks, many people are looking for interesting and challenging work outside the mainstream. Cottage industries, art practices, small businesses that look forward and behind for inspiration are all becoming more common. But for those who grew up in the corporate world, how does one replicate the benefits of funding a retirement and planning an exit strategy?  

  • Options for LLCs to Break a Deadlock

    When a limited liability company partners or co-owners are unable to decide on a court of action, a deadlock occurs. There are procedures in the operations agreement that may assist in preventing this, but when it does happen, it is important to know how to break the deadlock.

  • When a Limited Liability Corporation Does Not Limit Liability

    While the primary goal for some in creating a Limited Liability Company is keeping personal liability for assets and property away from litigation, this is not always possible. If the owner is responsible for direct incidents or issues, he or she may be targeted individually.

  • Chief Financial Officers Can Be Held Liable

    CFO and corporate accountants must be aware that the improprieties of their superiors could lead to their own personal liabilities. This is because Courts have found that corporate officers can breach their fiduciary duties to a company if they are involved in conduct that benefited their superior officers by approving or concealing improper expense reimbursements.

  • Business Entities: What's in a Name?

    When you think about a business entity choice, the name of a business may come to mind. However, a business entity is so much more than just the name of your business. The business entity choice can have implications in all aspects of your business operations including the amount of taxes you will pay, personal liability, transferring assets and more.

  • The Business Judgment Rule and Liability

    Many business rules apply to employee, management or both. Some of these regulations affect what is permitted, which circumstances are allowed and how liability affects someone. Wrongful conduct, participation that leads to negative consequences and similar matters may be the foundation for litigation between persons in a company.

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