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  • Using a Transactional Law Expert Witness to Get Ahead in Litigation

    Transactional law experts may be utilized for litigation through disputes, class actions with securities, intellectual property violations and family law through a variety of documents and interactions between parties. Those with a strong background in the field of disputes and similar matters may be experts in transactional law cases.

  • Using a Trial Consultant to Vet Expert Witness

    There are times when the initial expert witness hired does not make it through the interview the judge or opposing legal counsel. When this occurs or a lawyer needs help in finding certain expert witnesses, he or she may use a consultant to determine which professional is best for the trial case and what characteristics are needed based on the evidence and field of study.

  • Personal Liability for LLC Owners

    Limited liability companies (or LLCs) offer protections against personal liability, similar to corporations, and provide advantageous pass-through taxes for individuals. For these reasons, LLCs are commonly favored in California.

  • What Factors Influence Jurors when Evaluating the Testimony of Expert Witnesses

    Expert Witness testimony usually has a steep basis in fact, method and process with scientific data and other evidence as a foundation. This may influence how the jurors evaluate the testimony, but other factors may exist that alter their perceptions.

  • Financial Reports Prepared by Expert Witnesses: Anatomy and Application

    Financial expert witnesses evaluate and prepare the reports dealing with financial matters. They are able to understand the specifics, apply various elements to the reports and assist the judge or jury in comprehending the more complicated matters that pertain to the case.

  • Voir Dire of Expert Witnesses

    Qualifying an expert witness for a case is crucial in keeping his or her testimony admissible. This means going through several processes so that the professional may be considered an expert witness, and the initial questioning before the judge is successful.

  • The Importance of Expert Witness Retainer Agreements

    Getting an agreement in writing is important in all aspects of life. However, there are certain situations in which this is extremely important. One such situation is when an expert witness is retained by a lawyer, business or private party.

  • What Are the Elements of Interference with Contract in New York?

    A cause of action for interference with contract in New York may result in monetary damages.

  • Attorney-Client Privilege and the Non-Reporting Expert Witness

    Lawyers may hire expert witnesses for various types of cases, including cases involving employment issues, intellectual property, engineering or a number of other areas. Sometimes these experts have attorney-client privilege with the lawyer representing the client. However, in other cases this privilege may not exist or may be waived.

  • Strategies to Disqualify Opponent’s Expert Witness

    Disqualifying the opponent’s expert witness is often necessary when the case demands progress and additional assistance. However, doing so may be complicated and difficult depending on various factors such as a credible individual with extensive years of experience and knowledge.

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