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  • Breach of Noncompetition Agreements in Unfair Competition

    Noncompetition agreements have use in a company to ensure that someone that is current or leaves the business is unable to compete with clients or through products. However, the use of these contractual agreements may lead to unfair competition practices for possible competing businesses or new companies in similar markets.

  • The Effects of Multiple Expert Witnesses on One Case

    Experts are often the best way to mitigate damage to a case and prove certain aspects that may ensure success for the client in receiving compensation. However, if there are multiple experts added to the claim, this could prove either beneficial or they could severely cause negative consequences which may end in failure.

  • Potential Problems with Expert Witness Training and Certification Programs

    Expert witnesses may need certification and additional training to keep up with the wants and needs of lawyers that hire these professionals for various cases. However, what is considered qualified to one lawyer does not necessarily follow to the next, and this could lead to problems with what types of certification is needed and which training should be pursued.

  • Expert Witness Describes how to Avoid Liar Buyer Fraud

    Anti-fraud technology and procedure has failed to stop liar buyer fraud practices and processes against others, and because of this it is perpetuated through the years. There are methods that could reduce the losses caused by these actions, and expert witnesses are hired to explain both these and how the victims are owed damages to those that have caused economic and financial injury.

  • The Five Daubert Factors in Expert Witness Testimony

    The Daubert factors are important for expert witness testimony, and when followed appropriately or applied to an expert, it may reduce or eliminate the possibility of a Daubert challenge from occurring. Reliability and relevance to the subject are the two most important categories, and the five factors that fall under these affect the case from various angles.

  • Asking Expert Witnesses about Similar Experience

    When an expert witness is hired for a generic or common issue, it is easier to discuss similar experiences that are encountered both in the field and with other experts. These situations are important to gather information, exchange details and to become a more experienced expert witness to create reports and present testimony.

  • When Should You Hire a Local Expert Witness?

    Local expert witnesses are necessary based on the claim, the state and the specific location of the legal issue that is being dealt with through a lawyer. Hiring a local expert is essential in certain situations where the requisite experience, trainings, scope and education all revolve around the area where the claim is taking place.

  • Use of the National Practitioner Databank by Expert Witnesses

    For medical expert witnesses, the National Practitioner Data Bank or NPDB is a great source of information about events, those involved in the issues and malpractice for the healthcare world. Through the databank, these experts are able to coordinate details, problematic events and errors that are made by others.

  • Structure of an Expert Witness Report

    The report that an expert witness is tasked with creating provides the court with various details, processes and information about the evidence and incident. Through his or her knowledge and expertise, the expert is able to recreate, reconstruct or better understand the activity that lead to the injury and then places this data in the report.

  • Using a Transactional Law Expert Witness to Get Ahead in Litigation

    Transactional law experts may be utilized for litigation through disputes, class actions with securities, intellectual property violations and family law through a variety of documents and interactions between parties. Those with a strong background in the field of disputes and similar matters may be experts in transactional law cases.

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