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  • Potential Impact of New Tax Law on Law Firm Partners

    Tax laws change constantly, and the effect may extend as wide as to law firms, partners and clients depending on the circumstances and the changes in these regulations. It is important to understand the potential impact that could occur to various entities and professionals based on taxation modifications and how the consequences may reach others.

  • Can I Deduct Ransomware Payments on My Taxes?

    Many individuals suffer from online attacks where a scam artist or illegal entity takes over the computer demanding money to release the software back to the owner. This is a ransomware attack, and most computer illiterate or competent owners of a computer provide payment to these violators believing it will not happen again.

  • Federal Income Tax Considerations Involving Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding is an increasingly important way of gathering funds for business and personal projects that afford the individual to create a revenue stream. By directly contacting the public, the person may seek money, but there are tax considerations that could lead to problems if they are not provided for by the individual.

  • Contemplated Changes in Corporate Tax Law

    Corporate tax laws change how the business is structured, how assets are financed and what occurs with the owner and other clients. These changes could alter the very initial processes that start the hires for new workers, and any change may increase or decrease profits that are driven by the hardworking employees chosen based on these laws.

  • What Is Repatriation Tax for Multi-Nationals?

    Taxation for multinationals may come through a foreign income tax of United States based corporations for these persons and companies with increases and an entire reform of the tax system. There is over $2 trillion in earnings by these business entities that has not been taxed previously, and these new laws may increase revenue to the entire country.

  • Tax Whistleblower Statute

    Whistleblowers exist within many different departments of the federal government, and this includes the Internal Revenue Service which is affected by legal statutes. These persons are protected by the law from retaliation, and when communicating through official channels, supervisors are able to protect them in other capacities.

  • How Will My SBA Disaster Loan Affect My Taxes?

    Someone requires a Small Business Administration loan with low-interest for disasters such as the California wildfires and floods in Louisiana for business owners that are connected to the SBA as a private nonprofit, a homeowner, renter or someone that is running a small business. However, various loans and income may affect the taxes of the individual through deductions or additional expenses.

  • Tax Benefits of Using an LLC in Real Estate Transactions

    Real estate transactions are often complicated when attempting to avoid taxation, and using a limited liability company could assist the owner in acquiring benefits for taxes. It is important to ensure the LLC and all other considerations are fully understood before progressing through these plans, and a lawyer is of great help to avoid violations.

  • Section 1031 and How It Can Help Avoid Capital Gains Tax

    Capital gains taxes are one way to trap money into an investment which requires special processes to free the capital without penalties issued or fees accrued. In order to avoid these penalties and ensure the entire amount is provided, it is important to utilize the ways around these problems, and there are several paths to do so for the owner of the investment.

  • What are my Options to Repay Unpaid Sales Tax Debt?

    Unpaid taxes are potentially dangerous to the individual or company. It is imperative that one of several options is taken to ensure this tax debt has been paid, or the person or business could face severe consequences from the Internal Revenue Service.

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