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  • Student Loan Dischargability: A Debtor Attorney’s Perspective

    Student loan debt in the United States is the largest class of consumer debt today behind mortgages, and is higher than both credit card debt and automobile loans.

  • When You May Need to Contact a Lawyer to Protect Your Creditor Rights

    Creditors lend funds to various persons and businesses through contractual agreements with payment terms and other conditions outlined specifically. However, when these deals are broken, it is important to contact a lawyer so that the rights of the creditor may be protected against bankruptcy, when the debtor cannot pay and the death of the individual who borrowed the monies.

  • Can I File for Bankruptcy to Prevent Lien in Case the Plaintiff Wins Pending Lawsuit?

    A bankruptcy filing has an immediate effect on pending lawsuits and existing judgments. However, filing for bankruptcy before someone obtains a judgment can have certain benefits. These benefits may prevent the enforcement or issuance of a judgment.

  • Stopping Foreclosure Judgments and Sales

    Many homeowners find making mortgage payments difficult when they have families or when work slows down. This then causes complications with the bank, with credit status and housing. If the person who owns the home cannot make the payments, foreclosure may be a guarantee after so many months.

  • New York Religious Corporations Law and the Mortgage of a Church

    Mortgages of commercial or nonresidential property may be difficult to manage with different rules and regulations. When the object is a church, these circumstances become more complicated. Approval to mortgage a church building is often needed by the local or regional religious affiliation as well as the courts of the state.

  • Bankruptcy – Is It Good for You?

    With the last decade’s recession causing a huge spike in the number of people who fall under the qualification of bankruptcy, a lot have given serious thought on filing for bankruptcy. As an example, two counties in Baltimore, Maryland are in the top 100 counties with the highest bankruptcy rates in the country. Given these numbers, you might want to evaluate your situation and if you feel you qualify as well, you might want to get with your nearest Baltimore bankruptcy attorney.

  • What Does the Foreclosure Process Entail?

    The foreclosure process is initiated when someone that has a mortgage or other loan on a house cannot pay the amount due. After so much of this, the lending agency starts the procedure to seize the property and auction it to attempt to obtain the funds that are needed.

  • Federal Law and Consumer Credit Scores

    With the exception of your Social Security number, no other number has more of an impact on your life than the impact made by your credit score. Credit scores influence lender decisions on whether to offer you credit cards and loans for big ticket items, such as a home and automobile. Even employers use credit scores as one factor in determining the qualifications of a job applicant.

  • What Are My Rights of Having a Life Estate in Property?

    It is important to understand what a life estate is with property and how it affects a person. With this, the rights of an individual applied to these situations must be fully comprehended so that mistakes are not made. A life estate is usually property that has been acquired during the lifetime of a person with his or her ownership only lasting through the time he or she lives.

  • Mortgage Closing Disclosure Rules

    Disclosure is vital in real estate, mortgages and all other manner of transactions. When the disclosures are not performed correctly, it is possible that severe complications may arise, and legal action may transpire. However, there are several guidelines and rules that should be adhered to so that these difficult situations may be averted.

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