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  • Credit Card Fraud, Definitions and Penalties

    Credit card fraud can be a stand-alone offense or be a charge that is made in conjunction with other state or federal charges. Individuals convicted of credit card fraud face serious consequences.

  • How Do Hot Check Laws Work?

    Hot checks cost the local and national economy millions of dollars in lost funds that were due for goods and services from individuals and businesses. In response to this epidemic, states across the country have enacted strict hot check laws that are meant to punish the individual who writes worthless checks.

  • Combatting Credit Card Fraud

    Credit card fraud is a form of identity theft that involves an unauthorized use of someone's credit card information for the purpose of charging purchases to the account or removing funds from it. State and federal laws both come into play with relation to credit card fraud, as may your agreements with your credit or debit card issuer.

  • White Collar Crime FAQs

    The majority of my practice focuses on the defense of federal white collar crimes, which can be a confusing area of law for people who are unfamiliar with the system. In that vein, I've compiled some basic questions and answers regarding white collar criminal defense to help shed some light on the process.

  • Theft Crimes and Using Fake ID's in Las Vegas - An Overview

    Using False Identification - According to law enforcement, technology and the Internet makes it easier than ever to obtain high quality fake identification. Unfortunately, some young people think that using false IDs are simply a rite of passage. There are also individuals who use the documents to conceal information that prevents them from obtaining decent paying jobs.

  • Helping You Understand What Can Happen if You Issue a Bad Check

    Actually, the penalties for writing a bad check in New York State can be severe. Everyone knows you are not supposed to write bad checks. Even if you do so intentionally or repeatedly, you wonít be treated like you robbed someone on the street or in a home, right? Actually, the penalties for writing a bad check in New York State can be severe.

  • Carrying a Gun Illegally in a Vehicle

    If you have been caught with an illegally possessed gun in your car or truck, you havenít really done much wrong and your legal problems arenít too serious, right? Actually, the charge of criminal possession of a weapon in New York State is a serious charge. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, the charge may be a class C or D felony or a fourth degree misdemeanor, with legal penalties ranging from one to 15 years in jail.

  • Florida Retains Title as Nationís Mortgage Fraud Capital

    Florida is one of five states to rank in the top ten in Mortgage Fraud Index measures for incidents of fraud for both investigations in 2011 and loans originated in 2011. Michigan, California, Illinois and New York are the others. The dismal housing market in Florida is showing signs of new life, but the improvements have had little impact on the stateís mortgage fraud rates according to a recent report.

  • Defining the Different Fraud Crimes

    Fraud is one of the more serious criminal offenses that a person can be charged with. Though it is not serious due to a physical act of violence, in most cases, it is a serious offense in the sense that it can cause great financial turmoil for a victim of fraud and potentially put a victim or group of people in danger.

  • Turn to a Kansas City Credit Card Fraud Lawyer When Arrested for this Offense

    If you have been accused of or arrested for credit card fraud, your future and reputation could be in serious danger. Kansas City credit card fraud attorneys know that without skilled legal representation, you may be facing monetary fines, jail/prison time, a permanent criminal record and community service, among other penalties.

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