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  • Seven Ways a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

    There are many ways a criminal defense attorney can help you. We've listed 7 ways here, but there are many more!

  • Free Range Parenting Legal in Utah

    Freedom versus safety is a common and important debate that informs how we design laws and regulations, but when it comes to kids, the questions become more sensitive. What are reasonable boundaries to set and at what ages?

  • Can You Get Deported for a DUI or Crime?

    If you are a non-US citizen that needs to know crime or DUI immigration consequences, this guide is for you. Here we review deportable crimes, DUI immigration issues and how DUI affects immigration status and green cards.

  • 17 Best Criminal Defense Strategies

    There are many legal criminal defenses available to fight criminal charges and win. And long treatises written on strategies and techniques in criminal defense. The job of a skilled criminal defense lawyer is to select the best criminal defense lawyer tactics given each unique case's facts and circumstances.

  • What To Do if You Are Arrested or Under Criminal Investigation

    If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation, you need to be very careful and smart in how you conduct yourself. Your freedom and life may be on the line. It is in times like these that the advice of experienced counsel should be sought out and followed. The police and prosecutors have tremendous resources and are not your side.

  • What Is Aggravated DUI?

    Aggravated DUI is a second type of "Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol" charge (DUI-DWI). Since an important 1964 Study from Grand Rapids, Michigan, the National Highway Traffic Administration has pushed all state legislatures to ADD a new, more punitive category of drunk driving offense, that is typically called aggravated DUI.

  • What Is a Subpoena? Can You Refuse to Testify?

    People who receive a subpoena for a criminal matter often wonder if they can ignore the subpoena or refuse to testify. Neither is advisable.

  • What Happens if I Commit a Crime while on Probation?

    Probation is often the best outcome when a conviction occurs for criminal offenses, and any crime that occurs during this period may lead to severe consequences. The person may find himself or herself before a judge again, or he or she may need to explain the issue to his or her probation officer before going to jail.

  • What Are Common Conditions of Probation?

    In criminal proceedings, a person may be given probation. This punishment may be given instead of or in addition to jail time or other criminal consequences. Often, there are a set of conditions that a person must meet when on probation. If the defendant does not comply with these conditions, he or she may be subject to additional punishments.

  • What Is a Peaceful Contact Order?

    A peaceful contact order is a type of order that restrains the person from contacting or physical distance to a person when there is possible domestic violence. However, unlike standard restraining orders, the individual may contact the other that filed for the order as long as the contact is peaceful and has no violence or threat of violence.

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