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  • Voluntary Disclosure of Foreign Bank Accounts

    There are certain procedures necessary through the Internal Revenue Service when the owner of an estate has a foreign bank account called the Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts or FBAR. If the person with these accounts has not disclosed revenue, interest and income that has been placed in these accounts, he or she could face criminal charges.

  • Importers Facing Whistleblower Claims under the FCA

    Importing companies are facing claims of falsely providing products that are of quality when the materials are inferior, or when the imported items have missing pieces as well as expired consumables. Through the False Claims Act, these companies could face severe penalties unless they are able to resolve the matter legally.

  • Difficulties of Modifying NAFTA

    The North American Free Trade Agreement has been the subject of possible changes through the Trump Administration, and there are difficulties in these processes as well as an argument that the proposed changes are not beneficial. The proposal states there would be a reduction in trade deficit between the United States and partners of Canada and Mexico.

  • Wildlife, Fish, and Plants: Violations of the Lacey Act in Customs Law

    The Lacey Act was passed in 1900 and was the first federal law to protect wildlife. This intersection of conservation and Customs Law makes it illegal to transfer, move, or trade in certain wildlife, fish, and plants. Violations of the Lacey Act can lead to severe civil and criminal penalties.

  • Shift in the Global Trade of Semiconductors

    Shifts in various types of global trade occur with frequency depending on numerous factors surrounding the events of these changes, and this could lead to different trade agreements or complications. Production of semiconductors may be threatened by China surpassing the United States in production of these products.

  • Role of Tariffs on Trade in China

    Trade with China for imports and exports is affected by tariffs within the country and internationally. For the arrangements and deals with the United States, the Trump Administration has increased tariffs for imported goods form the location by 25 percent, and this could affect whether the country continues business with America.

  • New Requirements by Customs Regarding Hunters and Firearms

    It is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the United States and similar organizations and agencies that direct the imports and exports of firearms in corresponding countries. New requirements are added and change out others constantly, and these alterations are needed when more information is available about certain issues.

  • Exporting American Vehicles to Other Countries

    Exporting a vehicle from the United States to other countries is complicated even when it is the manufacturer making the deal. Typically, only certified dealers and government contractors are able to export these vehicles with legitimate paperwork from America to another nation that has a treaty or peace agreement with the United States.

  • What to Know about Cell Phone Importing

    Importing cell phones into different countries is just as complicated as other imports due to the possibility that the pricing may be too low, the merchandise could be stolen or other regulations may have been bypassed for the sales. This requires certain government bodies to become involved in these matters and for additional laws to be passed and implemented.

  • Ways to Prevent Chinese Counterfeiting

    There are a variety of products that are sold by Chinese manufacturers and companies that have higher prices due to certain features and characteristics that are unique. Unfortunately, these are the exact type of products that counterfeiters attempt to sell illegally, and this is what could lead to civil or criminal charges when laws are broken.

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