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  • Creditor Froze My Bank Account without Notice - Now What?

    When a creditor has initiated a claim against a person that owes money to the financial institution, it is possible to take certain actions that may negatively impact the borrower. However, only so much may be accomplished without a judgment or settlement pursued through the courtroom and with a judge before these processes complete.

  • Foreclosure Defenses for Homeowners

    When someone has defaulted on a loan for their property, the lender may take steps to foreclose on the property and to sell it at auction to the highest bidder. However, there may be certain defenses that the homeowner can raise to defend against foreclosure. It is important that he or she understands the process of foreclosure and these possible arguments.

  • Dealing with the Stigma of Bankruptcy

    Most businesses and individuals donít go into bankruptcy unless they have absolutely no other choice. Bankruptcy, after all, is a last resort. But itís also not all negative. Bankruptcy, even with its drawbacks, is a chance for a new start. Itís a way to restructure, learn from mistakes and return with more experience.

  • How to Prioritize Your Debt When Paying Monthly Bills?

    Debt is not just a common fixture in the lives of Americans. For many of us, debt is rampant, wreaking havoc on our credit scores and forcing us to make difficult decisions about what to do with bills we face.

  • How to Get a Judgment Award from a Business in Bankruptcy Proceedings

    When someone has been injured while working at a company, it is important that he or she is able to recover from these incidents. However, if the business is going through bankruptcy, this may cause complications or lead to an impossible situation where the judgment award may not be collected.?

  • Debt Collection Procedures in China

    Collecting debts accrued in or through China has various complications such as language and cultural barriers in place that cause problems for many businesses. Foreign laws, customs and processes lead to challenges many companies did not consider, which means a debt collection service may need to be hired for assistance.

  • Student Loan Dischargability: A Debtor Attorneyís Perspective

    Student loan debt in the United States is the largest class of consumer debt today behind mortgages, and is higher than both credit card debt and automobile loans.

  • Employee Rights When Employer Is Facing Bankruptcy

    New employees facing a company going bankrupt need to understand what rights, if any, they have once the business fails. This means research, contacting corresponding officials and asking for advice and information online or through other services.

  • Can I File for Bankruptcy to Prevent Lien in Case the Plaintiff Wins Pending Lawsuit?

    A bankruptcy filing has an immediate effect on pending lawsuits and existing judgments. However, filing for bankruptcy before someone obtains a judgment can have certain benefits. These benefits may prevent the enforcement or issuance of a judgment.

  • Stopping Foreclosure Judgments and Sales

    Many homeowners find making mortgage payments difficult when they have families or when work slows down. This then causes complications with the bank, with credit status and housing. If the person who owns the home cannot make the payments, foreclosure may be a guarantee after so many months.

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