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  • Determining Which Chapter of Bankruptcy to File

    When a debtor is considering bankruptcy, he or she should research which option is possible and what chapter is needed based on his or her financial profile. Determining what type of bankruptcy to file may be easily discovered, but it is best to proceed with the knowledge that the applicant does not need to start over due to the wrong information or application.

  • What are My Options if I Canít Afford to Pay My Taxes?

    Paying taxes is difficult for individuals that work as independent contractors, freelancing and when they own a small business. However, there are options available to these persons that make paying taxes less difficult, and it is important to reach out when there are any problems in completing the task of paying federal or state taxes.

  • Car Dealer Ran Several Hard Credit Checks Without my Consent Ė Is that Legal?

    When attempting to lease or purchase a vehicle, many individuals travel to local car dealerships, and it is then that some negative behavior may occur that affects the person adversely. If the dealership runs a credit check, it is possible that this activity could harm the person seeking a vehicle when attempting to secure a loan.

  • Utilizing the Bankruptcy Mean Test

    Preparing for bankruptcy is often difficult, but the person affected must ensure he or she qualifies based on certain criteria such as the bankruptcy mean test. This is used to determine if the person has low enough income to file Chapter 7 when bankruptcy is the only way out of financial ruin and needed to resolve these matters.

  • Debt Collection in Texas

    The†Texas Tribune, in conjunction with†NerdWallet, recently reported on the debt collection practices of rent-to-own businesses in Texas and other states.

  • Filing for Bankruptcy with Student Loans

    When a former student is unable to pay for the debts he or she has accrued, it is then time to think about bankruptcy. However, with student loans mixed into these proceedings, the individual that has accrued debts must ensure he or she is covered either by having them removed with the bankruptcy or through possible payments with the loans.

  • Creditor Froze My Bank Account without Notice - Now What?

    When a creditor has initiated a claim against a person that owes money to the financial institution, it is possible to take certain actions that may negatively impact the borrower. However, only so much may be accomplished without a judgment or settlement pursued through the courtroom and with a judge before these processes complete.

  • Dealing with the Stigma of Bankruptcy

    Most businesses and individuals donít go into bankruptcy unless they have absolutely no other choice. Bankruptcy, after all, is a last resort. But itís also not all negative. Bankruptcy, even with its drawbacks, is a chance for a new start. Itís a way to restructure, learn from mistakes and return with more experience.

  • Iím Getting Divorced, What Do I Do with the Credit Cards?

    A common question that is received is what happens to credit card debt when you get a divorce.

  • Are Wages to Independent Contractors Subject to Garnishment?

    Persons that work for themselves are considered independent contractors even if they are employed within the building of a company. These individuals are not considered employees and may not be subject to various regulations or stipulations, and this means that numerous aspects do not apply to these persons as they would a standard employee.

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