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  • Intellectual Property Expert Witness Describes Domain Name Trademark Infringement

    Infringement in intellectual property occurs with frequency depending on how interesting or attractive the domain name is and how well it may appeal to the online audience. Experts in this field may have the knowledge and experience to explain to the judge or jury panel how the infringement affects the owner and his or her ecommerce business.

  • Should You Register Your Trademarks? Benefits Registered Trademark Owners Receive When Protecting Their Brands

    A trademark is a word, symbol, phrase—or almost anything—that represents your company to potential customers. It may be the first thing that a potential customer or client sees when they interact with your business and will likely be the go-to thing that a potential customer or client thinks about when they think of your business. This means that trademark protection is essential for the long-term health of a business.

  • When a Startup’s Name Leads to Litigation

    Many that start new businesses may not be aware that there are several steps necessary to complete before a company’s name may become public. It is important to register and, in many instances, trademark the name or logo so that it may only be legally used by that one organization.

  • Registering and Defending Your IP

    Intellectual property most often needs both the standard and extra protection from theft, reproduction or those that would build upon the previous work. This is for multiple types of these works to include what a trademark safeguards. Defending the intellectual property from possible violations generally takes registration, a good lawyer and ensuring the information is used properly.

  • Protecting Your Website from Liability

    Websites fall prey to liability just as businesses and company owners do through various acts, terms, users and injuries. There are many website creators that are sued based on the content and lack of content within the pages.

  • Blocking a Competitor from Using a Similar Name

    The name of a company is often one of the most important aspects of building a brand, a business and something to remember. The best organizations are known throughout the decades while smaller and minor companies are forgotten in a few short years.

  • Do You Need to Register Your Business Name?

    When starting a business, the name is often one of the most important aspects to consider. This could become the brand of the company, and it is what customers and clients remember when they leave the building or employees after purchasing a product or service. This means that choosing the name is typically a painstaking process that takes time.

  • Difference in Domain Names, Trademarks and Business Entity Names

    When dealing with a company, creating a business or starting a venture that may accrue revenue, it is important to know what a domain name, trademark and entity name are and how they may be used.

  • Remedies for Cybersquatting

    Have you ever noticed that when a person or business name becomes popular or well-known, there’s often an unrelated third party prepared to park or register website domains in the name of that person or business? In many such cases, the third party’s objective involves making an easy profit by holding the domains “hostage” until the rightful owner of the name or mark is willing to pay a premium for the domains. This is called cybersquatting and it is illegal.

  • Legal Concerns When Registering Domain Names

    As the world becomes increasingly connected to the Internet, concerns from the real world are spilling over into the Web. For example, what are the legal concerns when registering a domain name? Can one violate a trademark or copyright with a domain name? If so, what kinds of remedies and protections exist?

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