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  • Cops, Guns, and Marijuana in Hawaii

    Medical marijuana has been legal in Hawaii for quite some time, and as with most medical states, this means screening individuals to allow them to obtain a prescription and also registering them as medical marijuana patients. But Hawaii’s medical registry is different in that it not only confirms the medical access for the patient, but the list is accessible for other purposes.

  • Can Suing the U.S. Attorney General Make Medical Marijuana Legal?

    Alexis Bortell is a 12 year old girl who suffers from epilepsy. Most of her life she experienced frequent seizures and the treatments she used did not alleviate her symptoms. Then the family doctor in Texas suggested they try cannabis.

  • What Are the Charges for Marijuana Possession in Florida?
      by HG.org

    Unlike many other states, Florida has not decreased its potential punishments or reclassified marijuana as a less serious drug at the time of publication. Possession of marijuana even in small amounts can lead to significant penalties.

  • Understanding the Laws on Underage Drinking in California
      by HG.org

    Like many other states, California has a number of underage drinking laws that prohibit people under 21 years of age from drinking or being in possession of alcohol. Specific laws that individuals should be aware of and related information about these laws include:

  • Expert Witness on Opioid Lawsuits
      by HG.org

    Opioid usage, abuse and prescription issues have become such a problem that some persons are addicted and may become injured through use and abuse. Because these drugs are both used in the medical world and through illegal personal purchase, many are harmed when the drugs are not consumed properly.

  • Proving Intent to Sell Drugs versus Possession
      by HG.org

    When charged with the intent to sell, the accused often has more drugs in possession or in easy reach than is usual for personal use. This usually leads to thinking or suspicion that there is an intention that the drugs will be sold to others by him or her or through his or her direction, and these charges may be added to possession.

  • Guidelines for Drug Conviction Sentences
      by HG.org

    When criminal charges for drugs are issued, the sentencing guidelines depend on various factors present in the arrest, the case and the events that led to the incident. These matters permit the prosecuting and defending lawyers know what sentence could exist based on these elements within the case, and negotiations may commence from there.

  • Commuting Sentences for Drug Charges
      by HG.org

    When drug charges are issued to someone arrested under suspicion of possession, intent to distribute, trafficking or manufacturing, the possible penalties are swift, severe and life changing. Because of these issues, it is important for the defendant to attempt some form of negotiation up to commuting the sentences issued.

  • Drug Possession Legal Consequences
      by HG.org

    Being arrested and convicted of drug possessions is a most severe act within the United States, and it could lead to several years or decades in a state or federal prison. Knowing what consequences exist for possessing drugs in the country is vital so educating the masses in avoiding these penalties is possible.

  • Legal Consequences of Personal Drug Use
      by HG.org

    Personal drug use is often not discovered unless the person is showing the drugs in public where a law enforcement officer may be stationed or is riding or walking by. The legal consequences to even personal use could extend possessions charges, jail or prison time and fines that cripple the individual once exacted.

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