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  • Massachusetts Embezzlement of Corporate Funds
      by HG.org

    The crimes of embezzlement from a corporation could lead to severe criminal consequences to the individual when the local law enforcement become aware of the illegal activity. However, the person still has the access and ability to defend against the charges in court with a Massachusetts lawyer to mitigate or eliminate the damage of such charges.

  • What Is Federal Embezzlement?
      by HG.org

    Embezzlement occurs when someone that is trusted has illegally acquired access to either property or assets that are accessed or obtained through theft, misappropriation, defrauding or transferring the ownership to another.

  • Why You Need an Embezzlement Lawyer

    If you have been accused of embezzlement, it is always best to seek an embezzlement lawyer or a criminal defense attorney who can help defend your rights.

  • Deceit by Professionals: White Collar Crimes
      by HG.org

    White collar crimes are typically non-violent crimes that involve some type of deceit that yields a monetary gain for the perpetrator. As opposed to other crimes, white collar crimes are usually committed by individuals in professional positions of trust. It is this position and assumed respectability that allows individuals to commit these crimes.

  • When Employees Commit Business Fraud
      by HG.org

    Business owners often put a lot of trust in the individuals that they employ. Unfortunately, this trust may be misplaced in some situations. Employees who are in key positions to have access to business funds, client funds or other resources may exploit their positions and commit fraud against the business.

  • Theft Offenses in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa

    Theft involves the unlawful taking of, or using, the property of another person, or endeavoring to do so. Theft offenses in Florida can be prosecuted as either felonies or misdemeanors depending on the nature of the item taken, the value of the item taken, or the number of prior theft convictions an accused person has.

  • List of Scammers Who Contacted HG.org or their Visitors
      by HG.org

    This is a list of emails and phone numbers from scammers who contacted HG.org, using HG.org logo or name, or added HG.org to their emails. Should you be contacted by a scammer or spammer using the HG.org website, please contact us and we will publish their information.

  • Caregiver Looted Elderly Parent's Bank Account What Can Be Done
      by HG.org

    Recently, I was approached by someone asking me about a situation that occurs all too often. Her grandmother's estate had been bled dry by someone who was supposed to be taking care of her. My friend wanted to know what the legal rights and responsibilities of the parties were in this situation and what could be done about it.

  • Understanding the Different Types of Theft
      by HG.org

    Have you ever heard someone talk about larceny and wondered why they called a theft by that name? What about robbery? How about fraud or embezzlement? What's really the difference between all these different types of theft? It can be an important question if you or someone you know is facing criminal charges or have been the victim of a crime. Following is a description of eight (8) different types of theft and what their respective elements include.

  • Los Angeles Area Man Arrested on Financial Elder Abuse Charges

    A financial advisor was recently arrested at a seminar in Los Angeles on financial elder abuse charges.

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