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  • Small Businesses and Disposal of Hazardous Waste
      by HG.org

    While working under the United States Environmental Protection Agency and ensuring that all guidelines are in adherence, the small business owner is able to ensure that hazardous waste and other protocols do not incur violations. To accomplish this, the owner and management must ensure these harmful chemicals and substances transfer to disposal units properly.

  • Environmental Laws Every Small Business Owner Must Know
      by HG.org

    Small business owners facing potential violations with environmental laws should research these matters before the event ends in disaster. This requires a forewarning in environmental law and keeping with federal regulations by knowing what rules apply to the situations with the company such as waste management and treatment of employees.

  • What Causes Indoor Air Pollution and When Am I Liable?
      by HG.org

    Air pollution is a serious problem for workers and those that reside indoors for most of the day or night, and these issues could lead to litigation. The Environmental Protection Agency becomes involved in these matters when the pollution affects others, and this could lead to negative consequences through a lawsuit against the individual or company liable.

  • Hazardous Air Pollutants from Mobile Sources
      by HG.org

    Air pollution is still a problem in the United States, and when these issues arise from mobile sources, it is crucial to control the equipment. Filtration and reduction of air pollution is essential to the breathable air, to remove possible sources of injury to the citizens in the country and to keep from violating the Clear Air Act.

  • Environmental Contamination Cases that Need Testimony from an Expert Witness
      by HG.org

    Environmental contamination affects thousands around the country each year when there is a breach from contaminated sources into the drinking water. The testimony of an expert witness is necessary to explain what happened and how to correct the issue.

  • Environmental Engineering Expert Witness Can Help in Wastewater Contamination Cases
      by HG.org

    Wastewater that has contaminated drinking or ground water is dangerous to the public if it mixes with the primary drinking source. Environmental engineering experts are tasked with explaining in the courtroom how this happens and who is to blame for the problems.

  • Must Knows of the Clean Water Act
      by HG.org

    The Clean Water Act was put into effect to ensure that both ground water and drinking water are clean for use and may provide the public consumers with water that is free of pathogens, disease and other complications. With this Act, it is important to know what these details mean for the public, how they affect companies and what other details are important with the Clean Water Act.

  • Environmentally-Compliant and Safe Company Buildings
      by HG.org

    To ensure employees have a safe and environmentally compliant indoor space, there are several things that a company or corporation should place within and install. These items may include air and water filtration systems, oxygen rich plants, aesthetically heightened objects and similar objects for workers to improve and increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Creating Safe and Environmentally-Compliant Indoor Areas
      by HG.org

    Creating a safe and possibly compliant indoor area within a company that is compliant with local and federal laws is not difficult, but it does require additional matters to consider. To ensure that laws and regulations are adhered to completely, the owner or management must ensure that air, water and pollution are all within acceptable limits for filtration and removal.

  • Environmental Regulations Effect on Small Businesses
      by HG.org

    There are several environmental regulations that are in place for numerous larger and smaller businesses in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency has put these in place to protect the world from the practices and behavior of the owners and management of entities so that the products and services to not harm the environment as much as they usually would.

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