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  • What to Do when a Disability Disrupts Your Estate Plan

    Disabilities may occur at any time in the life of an individual. Because of this, it is important to plan properly and adjust the estate plan when an unforeseen disability disrupts the life of the owner of an estate.

  • Elder Financial Abuse: Protecting Those Who Can No Longer Take Care of Themselves

    When the media reports on elder abuse, physical abuse almost always seems to come to the forefront, and for good reason: the physical safety of the elderly, those that often cannot protect themselves, is and should be the first concern for protecting our older friends and relatives.

  • Are You Ready to Exit Your Business? But Is Your Business Ready?

    Let’s say that a buyer came to you and offered you plenty of cash for your business that would give you total financial security…would you sell?

  • Saving Private Practice: Preserving Income after Departure

    A professional practice (dental, medical, legal, etc.) is unlike any other type of business in that it is not freely transferable and it cannot be owned or operated by someone who is not a licensed member of the profession.

  • Estate Planning for Young Families

    Individuals who have young families have special considerations. They often need to take specific and direct steps to protect their spouse and children. While many individuals postpone estate planning until they are older, doing so can lead to disastrous consequences.

  • What is a Special Needs Trust and when Should I have One Made?

    A special needs trust is a special type of trust that is used to supplement the needs of someone with a disability without causing him or her to lose other benefits to which he or she is entitled to receive. These trusts must often follow very specific guidelines to ensure that the beneficiary continues to maintain eligibility for governmental programs.

  • Problems with Using Fill in the Blank Wills

    Some office supply stores and websites offer inexpensive fill-in-the-blank wills that seem like an affordable alternative to having to pay an estate planning lawyer. However, these generic documents are often not a suitable do-it-yourself alternative. Failing to hire an estate planning lawyer can result in disastrous consequences.

  • Treating Children Fairly in Wills

    Many individuals leave an inheritance to their children. They may be concerned about how to treat their children fairly in their wills in order to avoid hard feelings or bitter battles between siblings. Some considerations to this topic include:

  • How Trusts can help a Person who has a Drug Problem

    A trust is a legal document in which the grantor appoints a trustee to hold the legal title to property on behalf of a beneficiary. These effective instruments can help establish guidelines for how an inheritance is used. They can also help protect against interception by a creditor or using inherited funds in an inappropriate manner.

  • What Are the Duties of a Trustee?

    A trustee is the person who administers a trust. He or she has many duties and obligations to the grantor or settlor of the trust.

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