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  • Role of Expert Witnesses in Cryptocurrency Litigation
      by HG.org

    When cryptocurrency is part of a claim either for illegal activity or to when the plaintiff needs compensation for online transactions, an expert is necessary to explain what this type of online currency is and how it affects the case. The role of this expert witness often has a greater impact in clearing confusion about what and how cryptocurrency is and works.

  • Expert Witnesses Describe Negligence in Data Breach Incidents
      by HG.org

    Data breaches occur with greater frequency when a hacker determined to expose the company leaks the information within the business to the public or on the internet. When these incidents occur, the company, clients and customers may all experience devastating consequences when their details are available to anyone.

  • Stricter Bitcoin Tax Regulations Passed
      by HG.org

    Once Bitcoin funds are sold, the Internal Revenue Service expects to receive payment for these investments just as any other item sold through invested monies. As time progresses, these agencies of the government are becoming more aggressive in seeking the payment owed with those that reside or have primary residency in the United States.

  • Launching an Online Retail Store: Do I Need a Business or Internet Lawyer?
      by HG.org

    When launching any type of online business, there are numerous factors to consider that may involve taxation, payment choices and intellectual property rights such as trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Before finalizing everything, it is important to contact a lawyer to ensure everything is valid and legitimate.

  • Does Using Bitcoins Increase Your Odds of Being Audited?
      by HG.org

    With the Internal Revenue Service attempting to wage war on Bitcoin companies such as Coinbase, it is possible that these agencies of the government may attempt to use the client and customer base to audit and progress to criminal charges against some. While this is a possibility, it does not mean anyone with Bitcoin funds run the risk of an audit.

  • Expanding into Global E-Commerce: Legal Considerations

    The rise of global e-commerce is changing the face of business around the world. The US share of that global e-commerce is steadily dropping, while China and the developing world are rapidly developing staggering market shares of retail and wholesale e-commerce. In 2016, the global retail e-commerce market was worth $1.86 trillion; the estimates are the value of global online commerce to rise to $4.48 trillion by 2021.

  • Tips for Dealing with Digital Assets
      by HG.org

    Digital assets are still a relatively new item for many business owners and individuals with monetary and property assets. However, it is important to understand how these work, what to do with them and especially what is needed to protect the family in the event of the death of the owner of the assets so that they are able to retain them after he or she dies.

  • Does Moderating Your Website Make You Liable for Copyright Infringement?

    Online platform providers are increasingly looking for ways to curate user generated content, both to promote good content and filter bad content. As a recent example, YouTube has taken steps to demonetize channels that may not align with the values of their advertisement buyers. Nearly everyone running an online platform is working on removing internet troll comments.

  • A Ransomware Infection Risks Business Health

    Ransomware is a menacing cyber threat because it exposes a business to cyber extortion. A ransomware infection can harm a business by opening up its legal risks and shutting down its operations.

  • How to Transfer Ownership in a Digital Business and Digital Assets
      by HG.org

    In the electronic age, there are many businesses upgrading to the digital and buying and selling digital assets. However, there are not as many that know how to transfer the ownership of a company primarily running on online products and services.

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