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  • The Basics of Franchise Tax Board Penalties

    Tax returns with a franchise could lead to severe consequences when the paperwork contains errors or falsifications for yearly income and other expenses or deductions. It is imperative that the owner of the franchise discloses all information and ensures that the Internal Revenue Service has everything with all valid and correct details.

  • Substantial Misstatements and Franchise Tax Board Penalties

    The penalties for mistakes and misstatements in tax documents are costly and may lead to severe consequences for those involved. However, when the misstatements are substantial, they may lead to additional fees or even criminal charges depending on the specific circumstances.

  • Planning for Setting Up a Franchise?

    Many small businesses consider setting up their business as a franchise. There are several advantages to this model, including the ability to bring in an ongoing revenue stream. This increases the core business’ profitability while also rolling out a successful model to other individuals who dream of being an entrepreneur. The core business often provides a model and ongoing support so that an entrepreneur does not have to start from scratch. Some tips to help lead to a successful franchise include:

  • What Are the Benefits of Franchising a Business?

    Purchasing a franchise over launching a new business has many benefits, but there are some drawbacks as well. For the person considering this option, he or she should research these matters fully before initiates the purchase with the franchisor and know what the entire situation will entail.

  • What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Franchising a Business?

    When considering buying or building a business, many individuals may feel the better option is through a franchise. However, while there are certain benefits of following through this this action, there are also drawbacks that the potential business owner needs to understand before committing to franchise business.

  • Three Deal-Breakers in Franchise Agreements

    A franchise may be the perfect way for budding entrepreneurs with little capital and/or little experience in operating a business to get started with their own business.

  • Legal Considerations when Purchasing a Franchise

    When considering launching a business project, someone may decide to purchase a franchise. However, it is important to understand the legal considerations that must be taken into account when buying a franchise from a larger company.

  • Florida Franchise Law: Do I Want to Be Part of a Franchise?

    There are a number of good reasons to be part of a franchise relationship. For prospective franchisees (the person buying on a franchise), one initial consideration may be the minimization of start-up costs. In exchange for upfront payments and/or monthly fees, the franchisor provides a ready-made business foundation.

  • Considering Purchasing a Franchise in California?

    Get Your Franchise Lawyer Involved Early.

  • Rights in a California Franchise Dispute

    Many small business owners choose to open a franchise for various reasons. Franchise arrangements allow a new, inexperienced business owner to experience some of the benefits of small business ownership without having to completely “go it alone.”

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