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  • LLC Bank Account: A Partner Committing Fraud

    If someone connected to a limited liability company is engaging in fraud or fraudulent activity, it is important to consider the possible actions available to ensure the partner not connected to the illegal actions is safe. When there is suspicion of a crime, it is crucial to gather as much evidence and details as possible for a potential arrest.

  • The Lone Star State Leads Charge Against Crypto-Fueled Fraud

    While it's not illegal for cryptocurrency businesses to market in the state of Texas, companies that operate in this nascent market should make sure they're doing things by the book. Otherwise, Texas regulators have proven they will get the ball rolling to quash those efforts in the state, at the very least.

  • What Is Voter Fraud and How Is It Committed?

    Voter fraud does occur within the United States, but there are many myths and lies that circulate every election term when the outcomes are not what the public feels the voting should conclude with. It is important to know what voter fraud is and how those involved perpetuate these actions throughout the years.

  • Immigration Consequences of Committing Voter Fraud

    When individuals that possess no citizenship in the country partake in voting events, this could skew the results for officials attempting to take office. While the registration system for voting does possess vulnerabilities to these actions, there are strict consequences of immigrants that alter the outcome of elections.

  • Questioned about Voter Fraud - Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

    Governing of most voting events are through state and local authorities and officials, and the laws are specific on how voter fraud would affect the individual based on the location in the country. However, some investigations involve the federal government, and it is important to consult a lawyer before defending against these allegations.

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act and Improper Use of Personal Information

    The information provided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act is not for misuse or misreporting of credit details to those researching the individual person. However, sometimes, violations of the FCRA occur and harm the individual by lowering the credit score or leading to a denial or credit after the misuse occurs.

  • Fake Traffic Ticket Email Scams

    Scams exist in almost every aspect of the online world, and fake traffic tickets are no exception when the individual seeking to defraud others of money wants to increase his or her chances by using these methods. It is important to seek someone knowledgeable in the ticket areas of law enforcement to ensure that the ticket is valid.

  • How to Survive a Medicaid Fraud Investigation

    When Medicaid fraud investigators ask for an interview, remember this: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. The investigators are not there to help you. Their job is to develop evidence to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • Virginia Fraud Criminal Law Cases

    Criminal law cases with fraud in Virginia may involve everyday lives of many individuals depending on the circumstances of fraudulent activity such as those committed in a company or against a single person. Identifying fraud and the repercussions of the actions of others could prevent possible disaster or lead to further complications.

  • What Triggers a Medicare or Medicaid Billing Fraud Investigation?

    Medicare and Medicaid billing mistakes can result in a fraud investigation with potentially serious consequences. You can be required to pay back up to three times the amount you were paid for improperly billed services. And, if the government believes the improper billing was intentional, you can face serious criminal charges, the loss of professional licenses, and exclusion from the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

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