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  • NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigation "Interviews" about Medicaid

    A letter from the NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigation means that you are the target of a fraud investigation. How you respond to the letter can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and criminal charges. You should get advice from an experienced Medicaid lawyer before you speak to the investigator. Anything you say to the investigator can and will be used against you.

  • Avoiding Criminal Charges at the NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigation for Medicaid Fraud

    Every year, hundreds of New Yorkers face criminal charges because they provided false information on their Medicaid application or re-certifications. Your case does not have to end this way. In fact, most Medicaid fraud investigations are settled with no criminal charges at all. The key is how you respond to the Medicaid fraud investigators.

  • Yaz Settlement Recipients the Target of Green Dot Debit Card Scam

    Claiming to be from a settlement center, con-artists tell Yaz victims to send money to receive their settlements back.

  • New Credit Card Law Pits Texas against Merchants and Financial Companies

    During the regular session, the Texas Legislature passed a law allowing merchants to ask to see a photo ID when processing a credit card or debit card transaction and to decline the transaction if the customer refuses. The law, which goes into effect January 1, may have placed the state of Texas on a collision course with merchants and financial institutions that issue credit cards, according to the Texas Tribune. The problem is that many financial institutions prohibit merchants from declining a transaction in their contracts. The position of these banks is that their contracts supersede the new law. The state of Texas, even though it does not require merchants to ask for ID, takes the opposite view. The matter may have to be settled through litigation.

  • Preparing Yourself for an Examination Under Oath

    In Wisconsin, when you file a fire loss claim, water damage claim, or other property damage claim against your insurance company, your insurance policy most likely allows your insurer to take your examination under oath. What is an examination under oath, and why would you have to attend one if you were filing an insurance claim?

  • Do I Have a Right to Ask the Dealer for a CarFax Report Before I Sign?

    When dealing with an auto dealership to purchase a vehicle, it may be possible to request a CarFax report. However, this may only be possible if the vehicle is registered and has a file with the website.

  • Yo-Yo Financing Tactics

    Yo-yo financing is detrimental to those affected by these situations, and it occurs through a deal with the car dealership when the financing falls through even if the person was told he or she is approved at the company.

  • The Warranty was Voided but It Did Not Show on CarFax Report. Is that Fraud?

    Carfax reports may not reveal all the details of a vehicle that is being sold. However, if reparations are not made with the company, those managing it may be liable for damages or criminal charges such as fraud.

  • Weeks after Purchase, I Discovered the Odometer was Rolled Back. Can I Sue?

    There are various crimes involved in car sales. Odometer fraud is one of these, and it does permit the new owner certain actions when he or she discovers the crime. Even though this is not a legal action, there may only be so much time to pursue a course after the odometer issue is revealed.

  • Pursuing a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

    When an insurance company has denied coverage, is unwilling to provide a settlement and similar matters, an insurance company may be involved in bad faith claims. This means the carrier is attempting to get out of providing entitled monetary compensation for a policy that has coverage of the damage caused by the incident.

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