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  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act for Small Business Owners

    To remove, transport and eradicate waste, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act or RCRA was implemented for these controls and to ensure the small businesses are able to ensure the contaminants are removed from the premises. While there are federal regulations attached to the RCRA, the process permits hazardous waste removal and treatment at the small business site.

  • SBA Proposes New Rules for Office of Hearings and Appeals to Contemplate CVE Appeals and Protests

    New rules have been proposed to enable contractors the ability to file protests with the Small Business Administration Office of Hearing and Appeals in order to challenge the Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business or the Veteran Owned Small Business status of the company in the VetBiz database. These rules would permit a contractor to appeal a denial. When the rules have been finalized and implemented, there will be more protections in place for the SDVOSBs and VOSBs. This will also consolidate eligibility requirements for the SDVOSB as mandated by Congress. The regulations were published in the current Federal Register for SBA’s proposals and rules on September 28, 2017. The rules that have been proposed for changes are in two categories of Centers for Veteran Enterprises protests and appeals. This is to protest certain aspects of these businesses and rules as well as appeal when a denial for inclusion has been received by a veteran or service-disabled veteran.

  • Threat of Whistleblowers to Federal Contractors

    Whistleblowers are often helpful in uncovering problems, laws broken, violations in regulations, and similar complications within a business. However, these persons are often a serious problem for companies with federal contracts, and this could lead to a loss of sales, dissolution of the business and severe penalties incurred.

  • Executive Order Implements Domestic Preference for Federal Procurement and Federally-Funded Projects

    Domestic preferences in having American made products for contracts and federally-funded projects could disrupt the sales, increase prices and lead to difficult overseas relationships. However, it is possible to increase business and sales within the country when only those manufactured and distributed in the United States are procured.

  • Can the Government Make You Keep Your Invention a Secret Without Compensating You?

    The government has suppressed many patents and other similar items in the name of national security, and this has created various problems for patent owners. However, knowing when the government is able to do so without compensating the owner is important, as there may be action that could be pursued when the process is not valid.

  • How Contractors Can Prepare for a Government Shutdown

    If a contractor with a project has already begun work, he or she may need to implement additional measures in case there is a government shutdown that causes the delay or termination of the job. When the government shuts down because the budget or other situations cannot be resolved, this leads to delays, the end of work for some and severe complications for others.

  • Drafting Protest Provisions in Teaming Agreements

    Drafting and negotiating provisions in teaming agreements can be complex in many situations. These agreements attempt to address the duties, responsibilities and roles of the parties in the event that a protest arises and are often part of many federal contracts.

  • Business Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    The enactment of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in 1977 makes it illegal for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business. The FCPA works hand-in-hand with the anti-bribery laws to prohibit the use of any means that provides possible corrupted interstate commerce.

  • Workers' Compensation for Non-Military Government Contractors Injured Overseas

    Government contractors may be hired to rebuild countries after a war or natural disaster. They may build bridges, transport supplies to villages and soldiers or participate in other activities they have been hired to do through a government contract or subcontract. U.S. government contractors and subcontractors are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance under federal law. Understanding the laws that may apply can help individuals protect their rights.

  • Texas Law Makers Mull Flood Control Projects for Houston

    According to the Texas Tribune, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and a number of Texas Republican leaders are eying a number of long-delayed flood projects that, had they been completed, would have spared thousands of Houston homes from being flooded during the deluge brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

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