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  • Problems Caused by Improper Root Canal Procedure

    Dentists are as infallible as any other medical doctor, and sometimes root canal procedures do not conclude in the best of circumstances for the patient. When injury occurs and the person is left seeking additional procedures or help from another source, it may be time to seek litigation against the dentist for these matters.

  • Botched Plastic Surgery Overseas and Legal Problems

    Plastic surgery sought through other countries could cause serious problems both in injury and legal issues when the person does not acquire what he or she wants. It is important to understand how to deal with these issues and move on to recovery for the patient when the surgery leads to instances of botched accidents and severe medical issues.

  • When Can I Sue My Dentist for Dental Malpractice?

    Starting a claim of dental malpractice usually requires the services of a lawyer who understands these matters and has verified there is strength in the evidence to proceed to the next stage. Negligence, breaches of duty or intentional harm to the patient are generally parts of these cases, and the legal representative will look over the details thoroughly.

  • Forensic Pediatric Expert Witness in Child Product Liability Cases

    Child cases where injury occurs due to the product purchased may incur the need for an expert who is able to dissect the specifics as well as provide care to the youth that sustained harm. In these matters, the company may be liable for damages based on negligence, defects or other problematic issues that lead to the physical injury of a child.

  • Should You Have Surgery Overseas?

    Before seeking a doctor from another country, it is important to determine if surgery overseas is beneficial and the better option based on the issue. Weighing advantages and disadvantages may demonstrate to the potential patient which action to pursue, and this could prevent disaster or lead to the best quality procedure at lower costs.

  • A Medicaid Work Requirement for Texas?

    One of the ideas being floated to help rein in the cost of Medicaid is to impose a work requirement for the program.

  • Abbott Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective St. Jude Defibrillators

    The lawsuit alleges that the company knowingly failed to report the defects in the device.

  • When Is a Nursing Home Liable for Injuries or Death in Virginia?

    The elderly placed in nursing homes sometimes need special attention, and injury or death may occur when this attention and help is not possible due to staff shortages. However, the nursing home may be liable for damages based on certain factors with the elderly person staying in the facility.

  • Why Are So Many Health Conditions Still Misdiagnosed?

    While today’s world of modern medicine has helped so many people deal with illnesses, medical conditions and other health ailments, there are plenty of people who have not or never will get to experience life without a medical problem. Sometimes it is because a condition is not curable but in other, not so fortunate cases it is because of a misdiagnosis.

  • Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits in Illinois

    In Illinois, many families decide to place their loved ones in a nursing home for care and treatment. This is a way for family members to leave their loved ones in the hands of professionals who have a background in caregiving. While many residents do receive the quality of care their families expect, some do not. Due to overstaffing, lack of training and other factors, nursing home residents may be neglected.

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