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  • Expert Witnesses and the Preparation of Affidavits of Merit

    Experts have the task of proving that a claim has merit through an Affidavit of Merit, and this may have a direct connection to a medical malpractice suit or when the medical device used causes injury to the patient. Through this affidavit, the expert explains that the claim has sufficient strength to proceed through trial or to a hearing with a judge.

  • Joining a Mass Tort Case for Defective Medical Devices

    When the defective medical device harms enough individuals, these groups may band together and create a mass tort case to pursue financial recovery to make them whole. Through communication and contact with legal professionals, each person may add to the case and increase the possible damages based on the specific issue.

  • An Over-Medicated Nursing Home Resident Is Docile and More Profitable for the Facility

    Over-medicating, or chemically restraining, nursing home residents to make them easier to manage is a poorly kept industry secret. This practice allows for facilities to house more residents because they pose fewer demands on staff. Often residents without psychiatric conditions are given antipsychotic drugs to sedate them -- sometimes to the point of unconsciousness.

  • How a Negligent Diagnosis Can Affect a Patient

    When a doctor makes a negligent diagnosis, the consequences for the patient can be devastating.

  • Protecting a Child’s SSI Benefits When They Receive an Inheritance

    Disabled children may qualify for SSI benefits. These benefits can be particularly helpful in families that do not have much income. Sometimes a child who receives these benefits may have a loved one who cares about him or her and wants to leave much-needed funds behind to an individual in this situation. However, if it is not structured properly, an inheritance can cause a person on SSI to lose their benefits.

  • Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

    Many of the country’s seniors live in nursing homes and rely on caregivers to take care of their basic needs, such as feeding them, helping them mobilize and taking their medication. However, many nursing homes are understaffed or find it difficult to retain qualified people for the job.

  • What Medical Conditions are Considered for SSDI?

    People who have certain disabling medical conditions may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance. But, with few exceptions, having a specific condition does not automatically entitle someone to benefits.

  • Since 2009, Freestanding ERs Have Had Growth Pains

    Ever since the 2009 law passed by the Texas Legislature that permitted free-standing emergency rooms, facilities that are not affiliated with any hospital, the new option has endured some growing pains.

  • Failure to Diagnose Issues and Dental Malpractice

    When the dentist is unable to diagnose the tooth or mouth issue correctly and appropriately, he or she could become involved in a dental malpractice suit. If he or she engaged in any type of negligence or a breach of his or her duty to care for the patient by the standards he or she follows, it is possible to succeed in winning compensation awards.

  • Dental Malpractice Caused by Embedded Broken Instruments

    When surgery is necessary to adjust or resolve a matter in the mouth, it is possible for the dentist to leave some part of his or her equipment in the jaw when he or she is not as attentive as needed. It is in these incidents that a dental malpractice suit may arise, and the patient may seek full compensation for the matter and any additional procedure to fix it.

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