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  • OSHA Cites Aluminum Manufacturer for History of Safety Violations

    The New Jersey aluminum manufacturing company has been cited for over 50 safety violations since 2011.

  • Industrial Plant Accidents and Workers' Comp

    Industrial plant accidents include chemical spills, leaks, explosions, machinery malfunctions, electrical failures and fires. They can have catastrophic or even fatal effects for the workers in the plant, as well as residents in the surrounding areas.

  • Expert Witness on the Serious Consequences of Inhaling Mold during Career or in Home

    When mold is prevalent in a home or in a business setting, it may lead to serious health consequences. This substance may be a concern that started with a construction defect, through the upkeep or maintenance of a landlord or landlady or when repairs are completed.

  • Dangers Associated with Spray Foam Insulation

    There are several types of insulation that may be harmful to the individual or group of persons residing within a building. One of these under scrutiny by the Environmental Protection Agency is the spray-polyurethane foam used for insulation inside property.

  • Lead Poisoning Lawsuits

    A major issue of the past has become a recurring concern over the years off and on due to various factors that are sometimes unknown but frequently are discovered after some research. This is lead poisoning. While it was a continual problem previously, safety protocols and understanding how these issues have occurred provide a manner in preventing medical injuries with adhering to particular guidelines.

  • Ways Social Media Undermines Personal Injury Claims

    Social Media has become one of the top ways of communicating since the information age exploded. These platforms allow online individuals to post pictures, video, data and various other items immediately. Even with the harshest and most restricting privacy settings, there are often many mistakes made that provide victims thousands in damages due to the harm caused.

  • What Can I Expect to Happen in a Typical Injury Case in the State of Pennsylvania?

    The laws regarding tort actions vary on a state-by-state basis. Further, what one can expect to experience in an injury case to a certain extent will depend upon the type of injury claim that is being filed (i.e. while the basic process for filing different injury claims may be similar, they will not mirror each other identically). The following provides a general overview of what you can expect to happen in a typical injury case in the state of Pennsylvania:

  • U.S. Workers' Compensation Laws - Do They Really Protect Workers from Serious Work Accidents?

    Each year, over 4,500 workers are killed in this country. While the number has decreased since the 1970s, the annual number has remained steady for the last decade. Workers' compensation laws often fail to protect workers from serious work hazards. The exclusivity provision of workers' compensation laws in most states prevents injured workers from bringing lawsuits against their employers. This tends to create a situation in which employers often ignore critical safety regulations.

  • OSHA's New Confined Space Mandates

    Working in the construction industry is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Workers deal with a variety of hazards on a daily basis, including falls from elevated surfaces, getting hit with heavy equipment, motor vehicle collisions and electrical hazards.

  • Three Injuries that Regularly Occur in Warehouse Environments

    Over 145,000 laborers across the U.S. work in warehouses, as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports. Sadly, about one in 20 of these workers will suffer injuries in a given year, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Due to the hazards present in most warehouses, the following serious injuries are especially common among these workers.

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