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  • What Are the Risks Involved with Medical Tourism?

    Medical tourism occurs when a person from one country researches and travels to another for healthcare procedures that are usually cheaper or higher quality than the home nation. However, there are certain risks involved depending on the country and procedure sought such as injury or illness from recovery times.

  • Surgery Abroad: Legal Uncertainty When Things Go Wrong

    Traveling to another country is fraught with dangers and could lead to illness, healthcare complications and injury through botched surgical procedures. Before initiating the travel to receive such surgery or treatment, it is important to consult with a legal representative to determine if there are other concerns or specific uncertainty that may reach a resolution through a lawyer.

  • Common Dental Negligence Lawsuits

    Common forms of negligence usually lead to litigation claims against the dentist or the practice when the patient suffers injury during his or her treatment at the clinic. Knowing which common negligence claims affect citizens throughout the country may provide additional details and ways of obtaining compensation when suffering from similar circumstances.

  • Dental Malpractice Lawsuit: Elements to Establish

    The four elements of any malpractice suit have a connection to dental malpractice lawsuits as well, and they must exist for the claim to have any chance of success. For a patient that has suffered an injury or complication through a dental visit, it is important to seek professional legal advice before attempting to pursue compensation.

  • How to Enforce a Court Order Against a Foreign Medical Provider?

    It is when medical tourism and treatment in other countries causes injury that the patient may need to try to have a court enforce an order or judgment upon a foreign medical provider or physician. Before this is even possible, it is imperative that the person involves knows the foreign laws that affect the case and how they work into the court system.

  • Dental Implants and Nerve Damage - Is It Malpractice?

    Experts have explained that dental implants are often the last resort in attempting to correct mouth and tooth complications that may harm the remaining teeth and gums inside. When the dental implant or medication lead to nerve damage and severe problems, it is important to investigate if these instances are part of malpractice or errors in judgment.

  • Contraceptives Crossing the Border and the Legal Hurdles

    It is when contraceptives become purchasable over the counter that crossing the borders of the country could lead to legal complications in selling and giving these items to others. The legal hurdles the nation may face in loss of sales or difficulty in maintaining laws when a person crosses the border could cause other impacts to business and the legal system.

  • Link between Antibiotics and Dental Standard of Care

    To treat various issues inside the mouth as well as to prevent the possible infections that occur, a dentist may prescribe antibiotics. This is considered a standard of care in usual circumstances, but there are other methods used that prevent problems that are more often put to use which may manage and intervene before antibiotics become the best option.

  • The Definition of Medical Tourism

    The travel of a person from the United States to another area of the world for a medical procedure that is less costly or may provide better benefits than found in the American states is medical tourism. The act itself is not illegal, but the travel and healthcare obtained could lead to complications and several issues outside and inside the country.

  • Dental Implants Resulting in Dental Malpractice Claims

    There is a need for dental implants for various individuals throughout the country, but there are many incidents out of the twenty percent of dental prostheses needed by all United States citizens that cause issues. Out of the few of the fifteen to twenty percent annually needing the implants, dental malpractice claims arise through injury to the patient.

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