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  • Traffic Ticket Lawyers - When DO I Need One?

    Traffic tickets are a common nuisance that many face when driving in the wrong place before a law enforcement officer does his or her rounds and tickets the driver of the vehicle. However, there are certain instances when the individual may need to hire a traffic ticket lawyer based on the circumstances of the ticket.

  • Am I Liable When My Uber Passenger Causes an Accident While Im Driving for the Company?

    Working for Uber may lead to certain situations where an accident occurs during or after work hours for the driver. However, it is important to contact Uber immediately when these situations arise to ensure the consequences remove the employee behind the wheel from liability and damages to others in these incidents.

  • A Medicaid Work Requirement for Texas?

    One of the ideas being floated to help rein in the cost of Medicaid is to impose a work requirement for the program.

  • Uber Driver Injury Claim Made Long after the Initial Accident - What to Do

    It is important to file an accident claim immediately after medical treatment is sought to ensure there are fewer complications with acquiring compensation or a settlement with insurance companies. However, if an injury claim arises weeks to months after the initial incident, this may show that the other party is attempting to acquire funds without a legitimate injury.

  • Dental Malpractice: Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Take My Case If My Dentist Has No Insurance?

    Dental malpractice claims arise when the dentist or his or her staff cause an injury to a customer that needs dental work completed. While the claims may require evidence and proof for a possible success, the claims may lack the necessary strength if the dentist or others have little income to supply the claim with compensation.

  • Should I get a Dash Camera in my car?

    Dash camera footage can be very helpful to you if you are involved in a car accident and were not at fault. The footage would be able to help you prove that you were not at fault and would also help prove that the car accident caused your injuries. Sometimes photographs of the damage to the cars involved do not show the full impact of the crash and video of the crash will. If a photograph is worth 1,000 words then video is worth much more.

  • Personal Injury Claims Against Drivers with SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

    Drivers with SR-22 insurance are considered high-risk drivers. Getting involved in a driver with this type of insurance can add additional complications to a personal injury claim. Understanding this insurance and how claims may work with people who have this type of insurance can help personal injury victims be aware of their rights.

  • Will Our Insurance Cover Repairs Completed by the At-Fault Driver's Preferred Repair Shop?

    Insurance policies often have coverage options for both underinsured and noninsured individuals that harm the vehicle of the policy holder when they have been purchased as part of the plan. However, if the insured driver does not have these options selected, damage to the car may be entirely paid for by the policy holder if an accident occurs with an underinsured or noninsured vehicle operator.

  • Insurance Examination Under Oath (EUO) Should I Have a Lawyer?

    Insurance companies have adjusters become part of an investigation when there are issues with businesses and individuals that require an assessment, but these insurance examiners may undergo oaths in court and during certain activities. These situations may require the need for a lawyer to protect the rights of the agent.

  • Texas Schools Hit by Hurricane Harvey Plead for Exemption from School Accountability Ratings

    One of the lingering effects of Hurricane Harvey, which drenched a great deal of the Texas Gulf Coast centered on the Houston-Galveston area, has been how it has impacted the school districts in the affected area.

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