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  • Does the “First Sale Doctrine” Protect Me if I Create Saleable Items Using Existing Products?

    Selling of products that are originally one or more different items is difficult based on certain factors that could negatively affect the individual or business attempting the sale. There are trademark laws in place that protect the intellectual property such as designs or processes in trade secrets which may alter or change what may occur with these sales.

  • Expert Witness Testimony on Similarity of Works in Copyright Infringement Claim

    Copyright infringement is a rampant crime in the age where technology rules over these matters, and the issues with copyrighted works being copied and distributed increases each year. However, the need for an expert witness arises when similar works are fashioned from the original that are similar enough to lead to infringement claims against the author.

  • How Do I Develop a Strong Patent?

    Applying for a patent and then developing a strong application for the invention often requires an expert’s assistance, and this could lead to further costs when a patent lawyer has been hired. Many applicants that first start the process may require a portfolio with great value to get to the point where a patent application and then invention are considered strong.

  • Costs Associated with Trademarks and Patents

    When obtaining a trademark for a company, products or services, the costs may be extensive depending on how the owner decides to apply, and this could alter if he or she expands from one state to the nation or globally. Patents are equally expensive, and may be registered similarly through one location or around the entire world.

  • Estate Planning: What About the Intellectual Property?

    Despite good intentions, many people do not get serious about completing their estate planning and estate documents until late in life. Even when they do, they focus on which individuals will inherit the tangible assets – such as houses, land, money, jewelry, stock and other investments.

  • Can the Government Make You Keep Your Invention a Secret Without Compensating You?

    The government has suppressed many patents and other similar items in the name of national security, and this has created various problems for patent owners. However, knowing when the government is able to do so without compensating the owner is important, as there may be action that could be pursued when the process is not valid.

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty for International Patents

    International patents are complicated and take more time and energy than any single patent in the United States because often, the applicant must apply to each country individually. There are some nations that may be coupled together through the Patent Cooperation Treaty and similar programs, but this does not solve the issue for every location around the world.

  • Times When It Is Critical to Hire a Patent Lawyer

    Applying for a patent is a lengthy and costly process that often results in a rejection at least initially for the person seeking to make a commercial success of his or her invention. When rejection appears to be the only answer provided, it is crucial to hire a patent lawyer to help improve the process and seek a successful end result to applications.

  • Selling or Licensing a Recipe

    When attempting to build a company or business through intellectual property, it is important to know if the invention or process should be initiated by the individual, sold or traded for possible better benefits in the future. It is also important to have a lawyer versed in these matters available to ensure the rights of the owner are protected throughout the procedure.

  • How to Select the Right Patent Lawyer

    A patent lawyer can help handle patent applications in order to try to get the patent approved and intellectual property protected. However, it is critical to the success of this process to choose the right patent lawyer. Some steps that can lead to this eventual success include:

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