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  • U.N. Employee: If I Have a Harassment Claim Can I Hire an Lawyer Outside OSLA?

    Harassment claims within the United Nations Office occur just as with any other company, entity or organization. However, these offices with legal assistance usually process the issue internally with a lawyer or other legal professional assisting the person affected until the matter is resolved, and often there is no external or outside help.

  • Government Accountability Office Recommends Leasing Practice for Foreign-Owned Real Estate

    Real estate in other countries that is owned by citizens both in and from the United States is affected by taxation and other situations such as leasing practices and behavior. The Government Services Administration has proposed processes to ensure these practices are overseen and there is accountability in place for possible problems.

  • Data Privacy Cases Pending in Front of U.S. Supreme Court

    The United States Supreme Court will decide whether American courts can issue warrants for data stored on servers overseas.

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty for International Patents

    International patents are complicated and take more time and energy than any single patent in the United States because often, the applicant must apply to each country individually. There are some nations that may be coupled together through the Patent Cooperation Treaty and similar programs, but this does not solve the issue for every location around the world.

  • European Community Law and VAT on Energy Bills

    The European Community Law is in use to provide a better quality of life for the EU citizens and increase international cooperation and enforce Treaty specifics. However, the VAT rates may be affected if the United Kingdom remains in the EU, and this could affect energy bills in the negative until a resolution to these matters has been reached.

  • Wildlife, Fish, and Plants: Violations of the Lacey Act in Customs Law

    The Lacey Act was passed in 1900 and was the first federal law to protect wildlife. This intersection of conservation and Customs Law makes it illegal to transfer, move, or trade in certain wildlife, fish, and plants. Violations of the Lacey Act can lead to severe civil and criminal penalties.

  • Free Trade Agreements and a Lawyer’s Assistance

    To ensure that violations are not incurred and affecting the company, it is crucial to adhere to rules and laws provided by the government to include internal policies and controls that affect how fines and penalties are given out. Through the use of a lawyer, it is often possible to avoid violations and ensure that laws and regulations are closely followed.

  • Shift in the Global Trade of Semiconductors

    Shifts in various types of global trade occur with frequency depending on numerous factors surrounding the events of these changes, and this could lead to different trade agreements or complications. Production of semiconductors may be threatened by China surpassing the United States in production of these products.

  • Role of Tariffs on Trade in China

    Trade with China for imports and exports is affected by tariffs within the country and internationally. For the arrangements and deals with the United States, the Trump Administration has increased tariffs for imported goods form the location by 25 percent, and this could affect whether the country continues business with America.

  • False Claims Act Issues Involving Avoiding Customs Charges

    The False Claims Act is involved in several deals that involve the avoidance of Customs charges and attempting to bypass monetary payments and fees when filling in entry forms with the United States Customs and Border Protection agencies. When this occurs, severe penalties and fees may be issued against the company or organization involved.

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