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  • Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (2018)

    Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures (SFCP) are a form of IRS Tax Amnesty. SFCP are a cost-effective and safe method for people who have not previously reported or disclosed their foreign assets, accounts, investments, or income to the IRS in previous years to get into compliance.

  • Chinese Marketing Laws - Compliance Issues

    With an attention towards greater regulation in the advertisements in the Chinese government, it is more important to comply with the marketing laws than previously. The State Administration of Industry and Commerce’s (SAIC) Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising initiated the change with the advertising law changes in 2015 for effect in 2016.

  • GDPR: Will This Invite Cryptocurrency Fraud?

    With companies, it is vital that the owner or management protect the data and regulate the information that processes within and outside of the business. There are certain actions the company must engage in to prevent the possibility of cryptocurrency fraud as stated by experts and law enforcement with the loss of over $1 billion of funds and investments.

  • Filing an Immediate Relative Petition for an Adopted Child

    A relative petition for an adoption event usually involves a child from overseas that needs a family in the United States to initiate the adoption process for citizenship in the country. For immigration purposes, certain files and petitions are necessary to bring the youth over from a foreign nation and to start the family on the right foot.

  • Medications from a Foreign Country - Can I Bring through U.S. Customs?

    It is often possible to travel with medication from one country to another when the person declares the treatment and has documentation either on the bottles or with him or her stating why the medication is necessary. However, if the medicine is over the counter, the individual may need to research what is illegal in the other country.

  • Smuggling or Failing to Disclose at Customs - Is There a Difference?

    Smuggling drugs, food, plants or illegal items into the country is often different from the failure to disclose items through customs by the actions and intent of the individual. Many smuggling situations involve the direct actions and decision to transport something illegal while a failure to disclose could occur with any item or even money.

  • Injured Overseas, Where Do I Hire a Lawyer?

    When a person suffers an injury in another country, it is often complicated and confusing in determining which legal professional to hire for the incident. However, when in the specific country, it is usually important to contact a lawyer in that nation when remaining there or an international lawyer in the United States when returning home.

  • Injured Abroad - International Personal Injury Law Firms

    Depending on the injury, the country involved, and the other party involved in the accident, it is often essential to contact and hire an international lawyer for the situation. The personal injury law firm with international lawyers will generally discuss the matter initially and determine how to proceed based on the global legal system involved in the case.

  • IRS to End Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program on September 28, 2018
      by Brown, PC

    The program may be advantageous for certain taxpayers who may not be in compliance with offshore account reporting requirements.

  • IRS Newly Serious about Blocking Passport Access for High Tax Debt
      by Brown, PC

    The procedures are complex and the agency appears fairly rigid in it enforcement of the law.

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