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  • Tax Implications of Wills with non-U.S. Beneficiaries

    The implications of an heir that inherits through a United States estate may cause problems when the person lives in another country, and these could complicate the inheritance with taxation and other regulations. It is important to contact a lawyer that has experience with the country where the heir lives to account for any foreign tax issues that may exist.

  • Sentencing Guidelines for Taxpayers Convicted of FBAR Violations

    Having foreign assets or income could lead to severe consequences when the individual does not disclose these details to the Internal Revenue Service. A Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or FBAR, is necessary when these items exist, and keeping the details secret or concealed from the government may lead to severe sentencing when convicted.

  • F2 Visa Holders, ITINs, and Tax Responsibilities

    Many visa holders are unable to acquire a Social Security Number and must file for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, so they are able to file for taxes within the year. This unique number is similar to the SSN, but applying is different than the standard way of acquiring the Social Security Card for American citizens.

  • Foreign Inheritance Blocked by U.S. Tax Laws

    When inheriting a foreign estate, the individual needs to understand what laws pertain to the process so his or her inheritance does not face complications with the United States Internal Revenue Service agencies. It is recommended to contact a lawyer before attempting to import the foreign estate funds, assets or property.

  • Botched Plastic Surgery Overseas and Legal Problems

    Plastic surgery sought through other countries could cause serious problems both in injury and legal issues when the person does not acquire what he or she wants. It is important to understand how to deal with these issues and move on to recovery for the patient when the surgery leads to instances of botched accidents and severe medical issues.

  • What Is Repatriation Tax for Multi-Nationals?

    Taxation for multinationals may come through a foreign income tax of United States based corporations for these persons and companies with increases and an entire reform of the tax system. There is over $2 trillion in earnings by these business entities that has not been taxed previously, and these new laws may increase revenue to the entire country.

  • Bank Secrecy Act and Tax Implications in the U.S.

    Reporting large cash transactions with a financial institution and verification of a customerís or clientís identity are both required to deter, prevent and avoid illegal activity as per the Bank Secrecy Act. These transactions are affected by tax forms and other processes that could lead to money laundering and terrorism in the financial world.

  • Voluntary Disclosure of Foreign Bank Accounts

    There are certain procedures necessary through the Internal Revenue Service when the owner of an estate has a foreign bank account called the Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts or FBAR. If the person with these accounts has not disclosed revenue, interest and income that has been placed in these accounts, he or she could face criminal charges.

  • Foreign Investors Face Tax Consequences in the U.S.

    When an investor from another country is working with the United States, he or she may face consequences with taxation based on what process he or she has followed. There are several ways that lead to negative impact, and this could include a failure to report income for investments outside the country when the foreign citizen resides in the United States.

  • U.N. Employee: If I Have a Harassment Claim Can I Hire an Lawyer Outside OSLA?

    Harassment claims within the United Nations Office occur just as with any other company, entity or organization. However, these offices with legal assistance usually process the issue internally with a lawyer or other legal professional assisting the person affected until the matter is resolved, and often there is no external or outside help.

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