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  • California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)

    It is California that first put in place a policy that ensures the privacy of individuals when using commercial websites and users checking online services within the United States - California Online Privacy Protection Act ("CalOPPA"). This started first in 2003, and amendments to the policy occurred in 2013 with additional disclosures for the tracking of online visits by users.

  • Role of Expert Witnesses in Cryptocurrency Litigation

    When cryptocurrency is part of a claim either for illegal activity or to when the plaintiff needs compensation for online transactions, an expert is necessary to explain what this type of online currency is and how it affects the case. The role of this expert witness often has a greater impact in clearing confusion about what and how cryptocurrency is and works.

  • Key Features to Look for in Computer Forensic Expert Witness

    The wide variety of computer and electronic issues that need explaining in the courtroom usually lead to the hiring of a computer forensic expert witness to provide understanding and knowledge of numerous matters. The key features in looking for these professionals are one part of looking for the right fit for the case.

  • Internet Expert Witness Discusses Damage Due to Computer Worms

    When a case involves computers or electronics, an expertís help is usually necessary, and in the case of computer worms, an expert witness becomes invaluable. The financial and personal injury caused by another individual intent on infecting computers through worms and similar malignant items may demand an explanation to unravel the confusion.

  • Indiana Hotel Charges a Customer for Posting a Negative Online Review

    In March of 2016, Katrina Arthur and her husband were guests at the Abbey Inn in Nashville, Indiana. In statements made to the press and to the hotel after their stay, the Arthurs said that they experienced problems at the hotel as soon as they arrived, noting that their hotel room was unkempt.

  • Does Moderating Your Website Make You Liable for Copyright Infringement?

    Online platform providers are increasingly looking for ways to curate user generated content, both to promote good content and filter bad content. As a recent example, YouTube has taken steps to demonetize channels that may not align with the values of their advertisement buyers. Nearly everyone running an online platform is working on removing internet troll comments.

  • Cyber Harassment Can Now Be Considered an Act of Domestic Violence

    The New Jersey Legislature recently added Cyber Harassment to the list of crimes that can be considered an act of domestic violence under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act.

  • Social Networks and International Law

    International social networks are constantly changing and adapting to the responses and needs of various citizens through several countries. This means tighter control and rigid laws in place sometimes, but there may also be more freedom for users that could lead to complications and legal entanglements.

  • Legality of Posting Online Reviews of Products

    Posting online reviews for products or to inform consumers about the website is a legal gray area in general. However, if these reviews are from the company, family or friends of the business or fake, this is considered a violation per the Federal Trade Commission.

  • A Ransomware Infection Risks Business Health

    Ransomware is a menacing cyber threat because it exposes a business to cyber extortion. A ransomware infection can harm a business by opening up its legal risks and shutting down its operations.

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