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  • Petit Crimes: "The Devil Made Me Do It!"

    Being arrested or charged with a crime can be a devastating experience, especially when you've never been in trouble before. People caught shoplifting are often blindsided by their own behavior and have a difficult time explaining what motivated them.

  • Explaining the Difference between Indictable Crimes and Disorderly Persons Offenses in New Jersey

    In New Jersey, violations of the state’s criminal code can be of the more serious variety – indictable crimes – or the less serious variety – disorderly persons and petty disorderly persons offenses. These types offenses are differentiated by the type and severity of the act itself, and the circumstances surrounding it.

  • Can You Go to Prison for Texting?

    Michelle Carter is a young woman in Boston who is on trial for manslaughter. While that is tragically unfortunate, the facts of this case are also highly unusual. Michelle’s boyfriend Conrad Roy III, the victim in this case, committed suicide. So why is she on trial? Michelle is accused of encouraging the act through a series of text messages that told Conrad to follow through on his plan and find peace by dying.

  • What to Do When Your Teen Is Arrested

    Raising kids is not easy and anyone who ever said it was, well, they have to be out of their minds. These walking, talking extensions of us, are by far the most challenging and most rewarding parts of life. You can plan in advance, try to instill important values and moral codes, try to give them all tools you know of to make the right decision, but they will never cease to surprise us with the unexpected.

  • Understanding the Laws on Underage Drinking in California

    Consumption of alcohol below the age of 21 is a criminal offense. Ensure that you are not breaking any of these other laws regarding underage drinking.

  • When Is a Child Offender Sentenced to Juvie?
      by HG.org

    The way that children and adults are treated under the law is very different. This is primarily because of the different roles of the judicial system in their lives. For adults, the goal is to punish the offender. However, for children, the hope is to rehabilitate them so that they will not go on to commit crimes in the future. Juvenile detention facilities are sometimes used on child offenders.

  • Juveniles and Weapons Possession
      by HG.org

    Many youths are subjected to difficult periods of childhood that may be rife with the possibility of crimes committed to them or from them. When an adolescent is part of a gang, he or she may carry or possess a weapon. These may include bladed items, firearms or club-like armaments.

  • Missing and Exploited Children

    According to the US Department of Justice, every year there are around 800,000 children who got missing or exploited. (October 2002 report) That's typically 2,185 children being reported missing every day.

  • How to Get Rid of DUI Charges in Colorado

    Charges of DUI could be quite stressful and may lead to heavy penalties depending on the situation. If you ever get convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol here are ideas on how to get rid of DUI charges in Colorado.

  • Juvenile Offenses and the Justice System
      by HG.org

    Offenses from youthful offenders are not uncommon. However, this group of individuals is often perceived as a group that can be rehabilitated and avoid a life of crime. This makes crimes involving juvenile delinquency a complex area of the law that attempts to balance the needs of the public with the needs of the youth.

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