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  • Rowland Factors Used in California Real Estate Disputes

    The Rowland Factors in real estate conflicts may provide the claim with a means of limiting the possible liability in premises disputes. When involving the public sidewalk and a person crossing the street, the person that owns the land may not become responsible for any injury that occurs with invitees granted access into the home once he or she leaves.

  • Deed Mistakes: The Impact on a Chain of Title

    Any type of deed mistake could lead to utter disaster in the chain of title for real estate deals, sales and transactions for the owner or potential buyer. Unfortunately, closing a real estate sale does not stop any possible problems that may arise with the title, and it is crucial to resolve any of these issues with all due haste before the buyer loses it all.

  • Can I Sell a Timeshare?

    Before the owner of a timeshare interest purchases part of the property rights, it is best to read the contract fully, as some of these have specific selling conditions only. However, once the sale is complete, the owner may have the option to sell his or her interest in the building to anyone, certain individuals or to others that have the same property interests.

  • Beware of Timeshare Resale Scams

    From fraudulent claims of what the property is and where to scams of various individuals selling no actual building, it is important for buyers to know what is sold and to check out the building before the purchase. This may prevent any timeshare resale scams, and the victims may band together to seek legal remedies.

  • Crowdfunding Real Estate Ventures

    Crowdfunding is the new innovative way for an average person to seek peer-to-peer lending or investing funds for various projects. These methods may combine with older or dissimilar processes in real estate ventures to provide million-dollar projects for those with these funds and individuals that are unable to bring that kind of money to a real estate investment without help.

  • Ground Leases to Retain Family Ownership Interests

    Leases are necessary to ensure that a person owns a parcel of land for the period of the lease agreement which is a legal binding contract. In certain leases, the tenant must build his or her property assets, and then at the end of the lease term, all rights of ownership then transfer to the landlord unless it is a ground lease which keeps the possession of assets in the family.

  • Higher Level of Scrutiny Directed at Restrictive Covenants

    Restrictive covenants in sales, purchases and running of businesses are being scrutinized with more attention to how employees are affected and what restrictions are needed by the courts with the employers. Some covenants cause changes to the operations in a company, and these could harm employees when non-competition and nondisclosure covenants are used inappropriately.

  • Talk to a Real Estate Lawyer before Renting Out a Private Residence

    Private residences may be riddled with issues that require certain ordinances and regulationsí satisfaction before it may be rented to the public. When initiating a home business through real estate owned by a private citizen, it is crucial that a real estate lawyer is hired to ensure the project is valid, legal and free of various complications.

  • Creative Contract Provisions to Consider in Real Estate Purchase

    When purchasing real estate, there are often provisions attached that require the buyer or seller to perform certain actions. When these items are more creative, they could lead to beneficial conditions or negative impacts to either party when the arrangement has finalized.

  • Fence Disputes with Neighbors

    When neighbors have disputes with each other over fences, the matter may lead to the courtroom with a dispute over the land and perimeter boundaries. It is important to resolve these matters quickly and with a calm demeanor so that costly litigation is not the end result.

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