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  • Tenant Problems? When to Hire an Attorney

    In a perfect world, landlords would always receive rent checks before they’re due and tenants would leave properties in pristine condition. But this world is not perfect – at least not for landlords.

  • Arkansas Law on Implied Warranty of Habitability

    In the state of Arkansas, there exists no law for the implied warranty of habitability for tenants in a residential or even commercial property, but in every single state in the country, this law does exist. The legislation for the state has made some strides in the right general direction, but it is slow going and may take time before Arkansas has this same law.

  • Net Lease vs. Gross Lease in Commercial Real Estate

    Within the three types of commercial leases in real estate, there are two variations of rental calculations that encompass the net or gross lease contracts for the binding parties. Understanding the stipulations and rules of each type and how they affect the landlord or leaseholder is important to ensure the lease continues without a breach.

  • Assignment and Subletting Real Estate Laws

    It is important to understand what an assignment or subletting is when a person has a real estate lease for either residential or business reasons to avoid violating these real estate laws. Understanding the concepts may provide benefits to the leaseholder of a property and keep everyone involved from causing problems.

  • Key Areas of Landlord and Tenant Law in Ohio

    Before we can address the law, we must first identify who the landlord and tenant are. A landlord is a person who rents land, building or an apartment to a person. That person is the tenant. Now let’s jump right into a few important laws that appear quite often!

  • What California Real Estate Investors Should Know about Buying Apartment Buildings

    Apartment buildings can be an excellent investment for California real estate investors. Factors like the size and style of the building, the type of units available, and of course, the location are all important. An apartment building owner can manage the property directly or delegate this role to a manager, but liability for breaches of a lease agreement, or for violations of California landlord-tenant law, will ultimately fall on the owner rather than the manager.

  • Rental Housing and ADA Compliance

    Violations of the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act could lead to the property owner, landlord or renting agency to face severe consequences in fines and other punishments. It is important that any property deemed worthy of rent or lease has provisions for the ADA and those that need these conditions.

  • Crowdfunding Real Estate Ventures

    Crowdfunding is the new innovative way for an average person to seek peer-to-peer lending or investing funds for various projects. These methods may combine with older or dissimilar processes in real estate ventures to provide million-dollar projects for those with these funds and individuals that are unable to bring that kind of money to a real estate investment without help.

  • What Causes Indoor Air Pollution and When Am I Liable?

    Air pollution is a serious problem for workers and those that reside indoors for most of the day or night, and these issues could lead to litigation. The Environmental Protection Agency becomes involved in these matters when the pollution affects others, and this could lead to negative consequences through a lawsuit against the individual or company liable.

  • Determining Whether Net Lease or Gross Lease Is Best for You

    There are several commercial real estate conditions and terms, but the net or gross lease could contain the most significant for the tenant based on what type of lease he or she is seeking. Gross leases versus net leases are the types of rental calculation methods that affect how much and at what point the tenant is to pay his or her lease payments.

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