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  • Are All Vehicles Covered by Lemon Law?

    Across the country, "lemon laws" exist as a means of protecting consumers from vehicles with serious or ongoing defects. However, when buying a new or used car, you should never assume that the vehicle will be protected by lemon law.

  • The Lemon Law-Personal Injury Attorney Advantage

    Every now and then, one of our Lemon Law clients also becomes a Personal Injury client. Itís unfortunate because, most often, this happens because the defect that made their car or truck unsafe ended up causing a wreck. This isnít always the case, though it does happen regularly. But letís take a step back and look at why hiring one law firm that handles both types of claims is a practical move.

  • How Can You Prove a Car Is a Lemon?

    Your new car isn't working like you hoped, but how do you prove that to the car manufacturer? If you are in California, you are in luck because California has some of the strictest consumer protection laws.

  • What Are My Options When My Car Is a Lemon?

    Before you can exercise any of your rights under California's lemon laws, you must first make sure that your vehicle actually qualifies as a lemon.

  • Lemon Laws in California

    What exactly is a lemon and what protections does the state of California provide consumers? Fortunately for consumers, the Song-Beverly Act is a strong protection for consumer rights.

  • Consider Recalls When Buying a Used Car

    While consumer groups are fighting to ban the sale of vehicles with open safety recalls, buyers need to take a few steps to protect themselves when purchasing a used car or truck.

  • New Auto Defect Whistleblower Proposal Receives Early Support

    There is a new piece of federal legislation being proposed that would give financial incentives to whistleblowers who expose safety defects in autos. The legislation is in response to the recent wave of auto defects, some of which were concealed by automakers for up to ten years. It would allow any whistleblower to share in the penalty payments that an auto company may be forced to make as a result of failing to disclose a known defect.

  • ďAs-IsĒ Vehicles
      by HG.org

    When a person buys a used vehicle marked ďas-is,Ē he or she must take great care in determining what this legal definition connotes. Additionally, he or she should be aware of any legal basis that may be available if such a vehicle stops working shortly after the purchase.

  • Do I Have the Right to an Accessory Based on a Car Window Sticker?
      by HG.org

    In some instances, buyers of vehicles may rely on extraneous sources when thinking about what is included in the purchase of a used vehicle. For example, they may look at a sticker produced by a third-party that describes the standard equipment that is installed with the vehicle when it is new. However, the equipment and accessories that are currently installed on the vehicle may be different, potentially causing confusion.

  • The Mechanic Damaged My Vehicle - What Can I Do?
      by HG.org

    Question: I took my car in for service and when it was returned, my transmission was no longer working properly. The mechanic said that he didnít do anything to it, but the vehicle was working perfectly when I left it at his place of business. I am not sure what type of lawyer I need or what I can do about the situation.

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