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  • How to Properly Qualify an Expert Witness during Trial

    Expert witness qualifications are important so that they qualify for presenting testimony in court and explaining confusing or complicated matters. However, to property qualify an expert for a case going to trial depends on the state or federal matters and what type of expertís knowledge is necessary for the courtroom.

  • Expert Witness Who Consult and Experts Who Testify

    There is a significant difference in an expert that consults on a case and a professional that is able to testify in the courtroom about the subject material. Knowing which person handles what types of claims is important for the lawyer and the client so that he or she is aware of the limitations and abilities of both in these matters.

  • How a Real Estate Expert Witness Helps in Litigation

    When dealing with a real estate property issue or contractual agreement between the buyer and seller, it is important to hire a real estate expert witness to assist with the entire litigation situation. These professionals are able to understand the confusing and complicated matters better than the average person to help increasing chances of success.

  • Forensic Pediatric Expert Witness in Child Product Liability Cases

    Child cases where injury occurs due to the product purchased may incur the need for an expert who is able to dissect the specifics as well as provide care to the youth that sustained harm. In these matters, the company may be liable for damages based on negligence, defects or other problematic issues that lead to the physical injury of a child.

  • Expert Witness: Distracted Driving and its Effect on Liability

    Distracted driving often leads to horrific accidents and untold damage on the highway or roadways during traffic and when there is only a single other person driving. The consequences of letting something distract the driver are often felt significantly when someone is in the hospital or dead on the side of the road.

  • Cellphone Data Forensics Expert Witness Testimony

    Unraveling the specifics in cellphone data is complex and could lead to complicated situations without an expert to testify and provide additional details. These experts have tasks that permit them to break down the software and GPS information within the electronic so that others may understand how it connects to the case.

  • Expert Witness Establishes a Link Between Conduct and Injury in Negligence Cases

    Negligence cases often involve some form of negative conduct on behalf of a professional that may lead to the injury, and this then progresses through the courts for compensation. When the claim becomes complicated or confusing, the expert steps in to unravel the problem and explain certain elements and aspects for better clarification.

  • The Effects of Multiple Expert Witnesses on One Case

    Experts are often the best way to mitigate damage to a case and prove certain aspects that may ensure success for the client in receiving compensation. However, if there are multiple experts added to the claim, this could prove either beneficial or they could severely cause negative consequences which may end in failure.

  • What an Expert Witness Does in Accident Reconstruction Cases

    Experts hired for accidents often reconstruct the incident from the beginning to the end where the collision occurred. There are various factors evaluated during these processes which assist in understanding how the collision occurs, and the expert is able to connect certain elements to the defendant or plaintiff to assist in proving the need for compensation.

  • Cell Phone Tower Expert Witnesses Used in Criminal Cases

    Cell phones tracking is not a common science, and various lawyers are unaware of how to proceed when facing these experts in a criminal case. The tracking and global positioning technology are known to electronic and telecommunications experts, but legal professionals have little access or understanding of what these methods entail.

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