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  • Why Are So Many Health Conditions Still Misdiagnosed?

    While todayís world of modern medicine has helped so many people deal with illnesses, medical conditions and other health ailments, there are plenty of people who have not or never will get to experience life without a medical problem. Sometimes it is because a condition is not curable but in other, not so fortunate cases it is because of a misdiagnosis.

  • Medical Expert Witness on Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Birth Defects

    Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs are often used in various medications, and even pregnant women are prescribed these with a 2.3 percent frequency. Most of all babies to those few women that take SSRIs are born without any complications, but there is enough evidence to suggest that there are birth defects and other problems due to these medications.

  • Expert Witness Provides Introduction to Human Factors

    Human factors deal with how a person or multiple individuals interact, use and misuse products, objects, tools, equipment and the environments these situations occur within. For an expertís hire, he or she must explain how the interactions affect the mental, perceptual and physical capabilities and limitations relevant to the case.

  • Medical Expert Witness Describes Effects of Stroke

    A medical expert witness is hired for cases where the plaintiff suffered stroke to explain the effects of these conditions, how they harm the person that was a patient and how the hospital or doctor may have been to blame for the situation. His or her expertise is needed so the judge or jury are informed of matters they may have no information on and why they are important.

  • Holding Medical Professionals Accountable - Medical Malpractive

    One issue the American media loves to speak about is tort reform. Itís one of the favorite terms used by politicians, especially conservative, during election cycles, and it simply means making it harder for individuals to sue companies or individuals for wrongs or damages that have been done to them, or at the very least limiting the amount of damages.

  • Medical Expert Witness in Delay to Diagnose Cases

    Diagnosing an illness is essential to ensure the right treatment is applied to the patient before the cause of his or her ailment progresses beyond that which medicine is capable. When there is a delay in these diagnoses, the individual could proceed to the last stages of the condition where there is no possible treatment available, and then he or she may die.

  • Expert Witness Explains Liability Related to Inpatient Suicide

    The dangers of inpatient suicide are often observable when the individual has little hope, appears depressed, has symptoms or is too happy. However, it is important to first assess the risk that suicide is possible, and then the professionals attempting to help the patient may avert the disaster before it occurs.

  • Alternative Medicine Can Kill

    Alternative medicine can be deadly for cancer patients who choose these treatments over more traditional cancer therapies and remedies. People with cancer who replace mainstream medical treatments with alternative medicine may be putting themselves at serious risk by giving up treatments that are proven methods to fight cancer.

  • Medical Expert Witnesses in Death Penalty Cases

    Medical expert witnesses are often hired and used for various cases in prosecution and defense alike, and these professionals are able to explain various pieces of evidence. Through an understanding of the subject matter, these individuals are capable of explaining things to the jury or judge that were confusing or misunderstood previously.

  • When You Need a Medical Expert Witness

    Medical expert witnesses are hired for a variety of reasons, but their most often used expertise is to explain medical treatment procedures and processes for a case where someone has been injured. Professionals in the medical world provide services to a courtroom by explaining how an injury occurred and why it is so important to obtain compensation.

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