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  • Legal Options When Dealing with Contractor Disputes

    It is during a dispute with a contractor that the company or owner will need to determine the best possible legal options available to end the conflict as quickly as possible. Ensuring the project completes is of great importance to the owner or business involved in the transaction and resolving the dispute may provide a remedy or an end to the argument.

  • How to Stop Teens from Texting while Driving? Pay Them

    Distracted driving is a highly dangerous activity that rivals the risk taken when drinking and driving. One of the main distractions is texting, most often by teenagers. But despite the risks, motivating teens to stop texting has proven difficult. However, a new study indicates we could change teen habits more effectively with financial incentives.

  • Could Social Media Posts Affect My Injury Claim?

    If you have recently filed a personal injury claim, then it is important to be very careful on social media.

  • Tips to Mediate Real Estate Disputes

    Real estate disputes are often difficult to navigate without help, and knowing various tips to mediate out the issues is important for all parties involved in these types of conflicts. Engaging a lawyer versed in mediation may become the most beneficial hire the person accomplishes to resolve any dispute over the real estate property.

  • Forensic Expert Witness Analyzes Smartphone Data

    In a case where the data on a smartphone is sufficient to provide evidence in the claim, a forensic expert witness may need to assist the lawyer. By analyzing the details within the device, it is possible to connect the defendant to liability, clear the plaintiff of any fault or help in proving the information of the injury.

  • Defamation: A Publication's Free Speech versus Your Individual Privacy

    Defamation of any kind is a serious offense that could pose a problem for the perpetrator when the target seeks legal action against the individual or entity. When the false statements harm the group or specific person, it is important to contact a lawyer to determine the best course of action forward and what is a necessary remedy.

  • To Mediate or Not To Mediate: That Is the Question

    Mediation is a term that encompasses a variety of situations and is alternatively referred to as alternative dispute resolution where parties voluntarily come together to resolve a dispute.

  • Megyn Kelly Writer Fired after Reporting Bullying to NBC Execs

    NBC is providing an unintentional example of how hard it can be to change workplace culture.

  • The Five Daubert Factors in Expert Witness Testimony

    The Daubert factors are important for expert witness testimony, and when followed appropriately or applied to an expert, it may reduce or eliminate the possibility of a Daubert challenge from occurring. Reliability and relevance to the subject are the two most important categories, and the five factors that fall under these affect the case from various angles.

  • Expert Witness Provides Introduction to Human Factors

    Human factors deal with how a person or multiple individuals interact, use and misuse products, objects, tools, equipment and the environments these situations occur within. For an expertís hire, he or she must explain how the interactions affect the mental, perceptual and physical capabilities and limitations relevant to the case.

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