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  • ERISA: Independent Medical Reviewers and the Award or Denial of Benefits

    When benefits are necessary for someone in an ERISA program, the role of independent medical reviewers in these decisions where benefits may process through a denial or acceptance, it is important to understand how important or extraneous this decision is regarding ERISA. For the specific person, it could lead to a longer or shorter claim through legal proceedings.

  • How a Negligent Diagnosis Can Affect a Patient

    When a doctor makes a negligent diagnosis, the consequences for the patient can be devastating.

  • Since 2009, Freestanding ERs Have Had Growth Pains

    Ever since the 2009 law passed by the Texas Legislature that permitted free-standing emergency rooms, facilities that are not affiliated with any hospital, the new option has endured some growing pains.

  • What Are the Risks Involved with Medical Tourism?

    Medical tourism occurs when a person from one country researches and travels to another for healthcare procedures that are usually cheaper or higher quality than the home nation. However, there are certain risks involved depending on the country and procedure sought such as injury or illness from recovery times.

  • Surgery Abroad: Legal Uncertainty When Things Go Wrong

    Traveling to another country is fraught with dangers and could lead to illness, healthcare complications and injury through botched surgical procedures. Before initiating the travel to receive such surgery or treatment, it is important to consult with a legal representative to determine if there are other concerns or specific uncertainty that may reach a resolution through a lawyer.

  • Dental Malpractice Lawsuit: Elements to Establish

    The four elements of any malpractice suit have a connection to dental malpractice lawsuits as well, and they must exist for the claim to have any chance of success. For a patient that has suffered an injury or complication through a dental visit, it is important to seek professional legal advice before attempting to pursue compensation.

  • What Are the Common Countries that Engage in Medical Tourism?

    The top ten countries that engage in medical tourism around the world may increase or decrease the need for malpractice and compensation claims based on the amount of damage caused and injury suffered. Knowing the laws of these nations is best so that any legal action may progress to the courts of the country where the patient resides.

  • Overview of a Dental Malpractice Lawsuit

    There are numerous issues that could occur when a person visits the dentist, but it is usually instances of negligence that leads to a dental malpractice lawsuit. For those injured during these visits, it is important to prove the four elements of a claim and seek as much compensation as possible so that recovery may resolve the matter entirely.

  • How to Enforce a Court Order Against a Foreign Medical Provider?

    It is when medical tourism and treatment in other countries causes injury that the patient may need to try to have a court enforce an order or judgment upon a foreign medical provider or physician. Before this is even possible, it is imperative that the person involves knows the foreign laws that affect the case and how they work into the court system.

  • Common Questions About Medical Malpractice in Kansas City, Missouri

    Medical malpractice cases aren't all that uncommon, however they can be very complicated. You may believe you have a case, but do you - and how do you know? As a trusted Kansas City personal injury attorney I've included some information and commonly asked questions below to help you determine whether you have a case.

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