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  • The Requirements of an HSR Antitrust Filing for a Merger or Acquisition in the United States

    In the United States, mergers and acquisitions involving companies of a certain size must be reviewed by one of the competition authorities—the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice.

  • Legal Considerations in Mergers and Acquisitions

    There are various legal considerations when deciding to merge a company or when an acquisition is possible for buying out another business. These usually involve an asset or equity acquisition or any loans, liens and similar concerns, but some may include stock, interests, shares, employees and conditions that must be met before a merger or acquisition is possible.

  • Avoiding Unwanted Liabilities when Purchasing a Business

    It is possible to prevent the acquisition of liabilities when buying a business from someone else, but this may only be possible through certain types of purchases. There are generally only two manners to buy a company, asset and equity purchases.

  • Conditions and Covenants to Include in a Business Acquisition Agreement

    There are certain conditions that should be included when acquiring a new business. These agreements often necessitate covenants or promises that must be applied and provided when buying out or becoming the owner of another company. These may be needed at the behest of the previous owner, or they may be required as his or her conditional sell of the organization.

  • Differences in Asset Sales or Equity Sales when Selling a Business

    Selling a business is complicated, and determining which type of sales to consider may increase the difficulty on the owner. There are documents to draft, sign and file and there are various persons that must be communicated with and contacted for various reasons.

  • Legally Splitting up Business Owners

    Splitting up a business when there are multiple owners is often both difficult and complicated for each individual as well as collectively. This affects the assets, liabilities, individual debts, joint debts, employees and operations. When there are no contractual terms that specify what to do, this very act could cause either the complete stop of daily transactions or the ruin of the company.

  • When Large Medical Groups Acquire Small Physician Practices – Legal and Economic Structure

    A trend in the medical marketplace is for big group multi-specialty medical practices to buy up small practices, and integrate them into the big group as satellite offices and cost centers.

  • Conducting Due Diligence for a Merger or Acquisition

    Mergers and acquisitions are very important for corporations when conducting business. To ensure that due diligence is accomplished, a lawyer is usually both necessary and vital in ensuring that paperwork, documentation, contracts and numerous other affairs are in order and properly filed.

  • Legal Steps to Closing a Business and How a Business Lawyer Can Help

    Closing a business is hard work, and the processes are often difficult for the owners or managers. Many steps are often necessary with various persons that need to be contacted.

  • Pre-Sale Due Diligence as a Part of Normal Business Operations

    Owners of small and mid-sized businesses can spend nearly all of their time running their business, and leave little time to plan the strategy for continued growth and transition to a sale or other exit. Owners hope for a healthy selling climate when the times comes – whether when they retire, cash out and slow down, or sell and find a new venture. Yet, lack of preparation for transition to exit can have a negative impact on achieving a high sales price and successful exit.

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