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  • Lawful and Unlawful Accumulation of Money

    Many crimes occur that permit a person to accumulate money through illegal activity, crimes other than theft and scam and schemes. By researching the information about what types of lawful and unlawful accumulations of money are possible, it is easier to understand if a crime occurs and how best to avoid breaking the law in this manner.

  • Federal and State Money Laundering Crimes

    It is essential to know what laws exist throughout the country as well as the state where a person lives when it comes to money laundering so that the individual is able to prevent charges of crimes connected to these situations. While the charges are often similar, there may exist some differences based on the location of the country in which the person lives.

  • What Makes a Crime Money Laundering?

    Money laundering occurs when a person funnels funds acquired from criminal actions into legitimate businesses’ revenue streams. This permits the individual to clean the money through the company interactions so that it becomes usable without any connection to the illegal activity that the person derived it from originally.

  • Compliance Program of the Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Act

    A person or business must remain in adherence to the Anti-Money Laundering Act in Canada so that no legal violations occur where the company or individual will face criminal charges. Additionally, if the person is subject to adherence, he or she or the entity will need to establish and apply a compliance program.

  • Bitcoin and Money Laundering

    Bitcoin could have a connection to money laundering due to the disassociation of personally identifiable details of the owner, and he or she may have the opportunity to funnel his or her illegal funds through Bitcoin interactions online. However, the individual may need to understand how e-commerce and the online trading worlds work.

  • Helping Someone Who Has Committed a Crime: Are You Committing a Crime Yourself?

    When a person helps or "gives assistance" to a friend or family member who's committing a crime, that person may be committing a crime known as aiding and abetting in Kansas City. Even though the idea to commit the offense may not have been yours and you may have only played a small role by helping, you could face criminal charges. If you helped someone who has committed a crime in any way, you'll want to seek the legal guidance of a seasoned Kansas City criminal defense attorney.

  • Federal Money Laundering Definition and Penalties

    Money Laundering usually occurs when money that has been acquired through criminal actions goes through a process with a legitimate company and becomes clean.

  • Criminal Implications of the Florida Money Laundering Act

    Individuals in Florida who conceal the source of money that derives from illegal means may wind up facing prosecution under the Florida Money Laundering Act. Understanding this wide-reaching law can help individuals prepare a solid defense against crimes charged under it.

  • PA Supreme Court Limits Government's Ability to Take Your Belongings in Civil Forfeiture Cases

    In a unanimous 73-page opinion, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has provided significantly increased protections for property-owners in civil forfeiture cases where the matter arises out of some sort of criminal wrongdoing for which there may not have been a prosecution.

  • Extent that a Financial Institution Can Outsource Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

    Anti-money laundering compliance is very important to banks and financial institutions per the United States government. Without adherence to these regulations, a company is open to potential prosecution for various internal activities.

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