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  • Three Strikes - What Does This Mean in Missouri?

    Three strikes laws typically apply to habitual offenders who commit serious felony crimes. Three-strikes and similar laws exist in a little over half of the states in the U.S., including Missouri.

  • Death Penalty Appeals Process

    When the death penalty has been invoked for as punishment for a lost case, the appeals process may be the only saving grace to overturn or stay the conviction for the individual sentenced. Through proper legal representation and proof to assist in the appeal, the convicted person may follow through and remove the death penalty from its conclusion.

  • The Long Battle of the Death Penalty Appeal

    The death penalty is used for the most aggravated of crimes to deter and prevent the same actions occurring again in the future. However, when the person on death row is actually innocent of his or her crimes, an appeal could provide a positive result that leads to a conviction overturned, a stay, or even exoneration.

  • Defending Murder Charges in Philadelphia

    Defending murder charges in Philadelphia requires experience and an extensive understanding of the strategies which can make the difference when your life potentially hangs in the balance. All homicide-related charges in Philadelphia carry severe consequences.

  • "Making a Murderer" Mini-Series' Steven Avery Denied a New Trial

    This week the Circuit Court Judge of Sheboygan County considered whether to grant a new trial in the Steven Avery case; a case that captured the country’s attention with the popular Netflix series, “Making a Murderer.”

  • Jury Selection in Texas Capital Murder Cases

    Voir dire is the process by which both the prosecution and criminal defense attorneys attempt to select the most favorable people to sit on a jury and decide a criminal case, especially a death penalty jury.

  • Can We Continue to Afford the Luxury of the Death Penalty?

    The death penalty consumes tremendous amounts of financial and labor resources. In fact, making the death penalty expensive is a key component of defending these cases. That begs the question whether the death penalty has become to expensive to continue.

  • Murder Charges in Minnesota

    Minnesota has several degrees of murder that they can charge a defendant. The state also has other types of laws that involve the unlawful killing of another that do not rise to the murder level.

  • Consequences of Facing Murder Charges

    When facing the accusation of murder or homicide charges,defendants confront some of the most severe consequences, including the death penalty or life behind bars.

  • No Duty to Retreat in Self Defense Cases

    In self-defense cases, there are generally two different approaches that states take. The first is the duty to retreat. The second is stand your ground. The rules that the state follows can have a significant impact on the defendant’s case.

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