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  • Property Excavation Due to Neighbor’s Invasive Plants – Who Pays?

    The underground spreading and invasion of plants may cause serious damage to neighboring property. Excavation may be the only remedy a neighbor has to understand and identify just how extensive the damage is to their property. Bamboo is one example of an invasive plant that may cause legal issues.

  • Buying Oil or Gas Wells in a Bankruptcy Auction

    For auctions from a bankruptcy lot, it is important to consider all factors involved in the sale that may also include taxes for any oil or gas wells, property rights and unclaimed rights of another that owns a portion of the land or well. Before finalizing the deal, it is crucial to consult with a real estate or bankruptcy lawyer about these circumstances.

  • Small Businesses and Disposal of Hazardous Waste

    While working under the United States Environmental Protection Agency and ensuring that all guidelines are in adherence, the small business owner is able to ensure that hazardous waste and other protocols do not incur violations. To accomplish this, the owner and management must ensure these harmful chemicals and substances transfer to disposal units properly.

  • Environmental Laws Every Small Business Owner Must Know

    Small business owners facing potential violations with environmental laws should research these matters before the event ends in disaster. This requires a forewarning in environmental law and keeping with federal regulations by knowing what rules apply to the situations with the company such as waste management and treatment of employees.

  • What Causes Indoor Air Pollution and When Am I Liable?

    Air pollution is a serious problem for workers and those that reside indoors for most of the day or night, and these issues could lead to litigation. The Environmental Protection Agency becomes involved in these matters when the pollution affects others, and this could lead to negative consequences through a lawsuit against the individual or company liable.

  • What You Need to Know about Wetland Protection Laws

    The Environmental Protection Agency protect the wetlands, and it is important to know what these details entail for those that may reside or pass through the locations. The protection laws in place may require certain persons to stay off the land, for certain activity to cease and for others to assist in restorations.

  • National Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Ground Water Rule

    The regulations and laws regarding the primary drinking around the nation are important and explain why various activities must not be performed or accomplished around or in these locations. The Environmental Protection Agency implements the ground water rules, and these rules have been in effect since 2006.

  • Home Heating Oil Dumped into Basement Rather than Holding Tank –Environmental Issue or a Negligence Claim?

    When an oil company has become involved in the personal property of an individual, it is possible that a negligence or environmental cleanup case is issued against the business entity. For these specific problems, it is crucial to hire a lawyer after determining if there is a claim and what type of case is needed based on the specific factors.

  • Environmentally-Compliant and Safe Company Buildings

    To ensure employees have a safe and environmentally compliant indoor space, there are several things that a company or corporation should place within and install. These items may include air and water filtration systems, oxygen rich plants, aesthetically heightened objects and similar objects for workers to improve and increase efficiency and productivity.

  • State Funded Network of Sensors Begins to Track Fracking Related Earthquakes in Texas

    Houston Public Media is reporting that a network of seismology sensors, partly funded by the state of Texas, is up and running. The TexNet Seismic Monitoring program, run by the University of Texas at Austin's Bureau of Economic Geology, is designed to track earthquakes in the state and to determine how and to what extent they are being caused by oil field fracking operations.

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