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  • HIPPA Violation: Non-Medical Staff Accessed and Shared Medical Records. Who Do I Sue?

    When a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act occurs, severe penalties may be issued against the perpetrator when he or she is discovered due to the confidentiality of the records. However, if proper measures are not in place to ensure the data has been secured, the medical facility could be at fault in the incident as well, and a claim may be possible.

  • Inadequate Road Signage Contributed to Accident – Can I Sue the City or State?

    Road construction and deterioration often affects drivers to the point that a car crash occurs, and the damage may be significant or include bodily harm which requires medical treatment. When there is inadequate warning or signs to explain the construction or other road problems, the individual may have a case against local government agencies or companies tasked with resolving the matter.

  • Security Request Denied by Employer Then Doorman Attacked While on Duty

    When there are possible attacks in a city or town where a doorman is present, additional security is recommended as a course of action to decrease possible violence. If the doorman has requested someone placed nearby to deter potential attacks and the employer denied this, he or she could be liable for damages to the doorman when a situation arises.

  • Who Is Liable for Injuries from School Violence?

    Schools have a duty to keep kids safe. When students are injured due to violent acts while under the care of school employees or contacted agencies, schools and service providers may be able to be held liable.

  • Is My Injury Serious Enough for a Lawyer?

    When you or a loved one is hurt, expenses can begin to rack up, and sometimes for something that was not even your fault! You should not be responsible for covering these expenses while you are trying to recover from your injury since it was someone else’s negligence that caused the accident.

  • School Bus Dropped My Child at Wrong Place and She Was Lost. Can I Sue?

    Many parents have experienced the occurrence of going to pick up their child from the bus stop and him or her not being there. They may have missed a stop, fallen asleep on the bus or forgot their address. If a child is dropped in the wrong place, he or she may even go missing. When school buses make this mistake, parents may consider taking legal action.

  • Michigan Birth Injury Litigation 101

    You spent nine months dreaming about what your baby would look like. You eagerly anticipated holding him for the first time. Hearing that first cry. Instead, there was panic. Labor took too long. You listened to the fetal heart rate monitor anxiously awaiting the next bleep that let you know your baby's heart was still beating.

  • Potential Defenses to a Minnesota Dog Bite Case

    Dog bite cases are frequently an issue when the owner does not contain the animal, the pet has broken free of confinement or the owner is not able to contain the creature within the home. To mitigate the damage, the owner must defend himself or herself from these cases when none of these factors exist and the individual taunted the dog.

  • Strict Liability, Negligence, Negligence Per Se, Scienter and Intentional Tort Claims Based on Dog Bites

    Dog bites are common, and the bigger the location where the victim has been bitten, the greater the chances are that an animal will bite a person at some point. However, when these cases proceed to the courtroom, there are numerous types of defenses and strategies to use for both plaintiff and defendant, and knowing the differences and similarities is important.

  • Who Is at Fault for My Falling on Ice in Minnesota?

    Falling from icy surfaces is commonplace in such locations as Minnesota in the winter weather months, but when the injuries are severe and medical treatment is expensive, the victim may be wondering who is liable for damages. Most of these types of accidents transpire near or outside of businesses and in parking lots attached to company property, and this could lead to a claim.

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