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  • Introduction to Elder Abuse and Negligence in Florida

    In Florida, elder abuse and neglect is quite common, so its important to recognize the common signs.

  • Elder Care Abuse and Neglect Should I Hire a Lawyer?

    Every year, elderly individuals are abused, neglected or exploited. In many cases, this abuse is inflicted by a caregiver, which may be a professional caregiver or a family caregiver. Since older individuals are more vulnerable due to possible isolation, cognitive impairment and being frail, abusers often take advantage of these characteristics to cause harm to them.

  • Recognizing Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

    Individuals who are in a nursing home are supposed to receive quality medical treatment from trained professionals. However, individuals are injured every year in nursing home due to neglect or intentional abuse. Recognizing the warning signs can help a person protect his or her loved one.

  • What Are My Options if my Parent Was Injured in a Nursing Home?

    Nursing home injuries are common in the United States with over half a million cases being reported each year where at least one elder person has been abused.

  • When Can a Nursing Home Be Sued for Bedsores?

    An increasing trend in personal injury cases involves claims that are brought forward related to a loved one acquiring bedsores. The formation of these bedsores may provide a basis in a lawsuit.

  • Factors that Contribute to Nursing Home Abuse

    As the number of elderly individuals increases in the general population, there is a greater number of persons entering nursing and assisted living facilities either of their own volition or due to family.

  • How Understaffing Contributes to Nursing Home Abuse

    Nursing homes are often subject to understaffing issues due to the lack of funds, the ratio of elderly persons and the ability to find reliable help. When there is less staff than is optimal, there are many concerns that may arise such as neglect and abuse.

  • Elder Abuse on the Rise

    As the elderly population increases, there has been a noticeable rise in abuse with these persons. These incidents are both in care facilities intending to ensure these individuals are well taken care of and at home where they live with family for their later years. Unfortunately, it has been observed that with a larger amount of elderly persons, the higher the rate of abuse. These incidents may be physical, emotional or psychological.

  • How to Protect Elderly Loved Ones from Scams

    The elderly are targets for a variety of crimes by those that feel this group of individuals is a quick and easy victim to take advantage. Numerous scams are concocted that involve older persons.

  • Understanding Elder Abuse

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable part of the population are negatively impacted by elder abuse. Elder abuse victims may be vulnerable both mentally and physically. They may also be frail or even helpless against their abuser.

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