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  • Wetlands Damage by Exxon

    ExxonMobil Corporation and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) received court approval of a $225 million consent judgment on August 25, 2015, in a closely-watched dispute over natural resource damages (NRD) caused by the oil giant.

  • Environmental Claims Law

    Environmental claims law is highly specialized and if a person is seeking to build a case and potentially seek damages for issues, a qualified and experienced attorney in the field of environmental claims law is a must.

  • Shale Gas in Texas

    Shale formations are an invaluable resource when it comes to natural gas and oil. The side effects of drilling in these shale deposits, however, can be costly. Shale is a type of rock which is made out of mud, clay, and fragments of other minerals. Shale is characterized by the thin layers make up the rock, meaning it can easily splinter and flake.

  • Texas Supreme Court Hands Down Decision On Texas Water Rights

    According to legal reports, the Texas Supreme Court has recently passed down a landmark decision on water rights in the lone star state. Reportedly, the crux of the decision is that landowners own the water which is beneath their property. Sources say that after two years of litigation and speculation as to what the court might do, a decision was handed down on February 24, 2012.

  • Texas Fracking Disclosure Law Will Help Analyze Water Concerns

    Texas fracking disclosure law goes into effect February 1, 2012. According to reports, on February 1, 2011, Texas drilling operators will be required to begin reporting many of the chemicals used in a process known as hydraulic fracturing. Industry sources say hydraulic fracturing is a process in which a mixture of water and chemicals is shot into the earth in order to recover excess oil and gas.

  • Renewable Energy Credits: Representations and Warranties Every Buyer Should Ask for

    When buying renewable energy credits (RECs), purchasers should make sure to negotiate a short but critical set of REC-focused representations and warranties. These representations and warranties are promises regarding the REC itself or the seller’s ownership of the REC.

  • Ongoing Arbitration for Mobil Oil over Venezuelan Assets

    Mobil Corporation's claims in international arbitration against Venezuela's national oil company raises issues common to all commercial transactions that cross borders.

  • Families Await Answers Following Oil Rig Explosion off Louisiana Coast

    The Coast Guard has called off its search for 11 oil rig workers missing after the explosion of Deep Water Horizon last Tuesday. Assumed dead, the 11 missing workers join 17 other victims injured in the accident - four of whom remain in critical condition.

  • BP Oil Spill and Exposure to Chemicals

    There are myriad concerns surrounding the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, chief among them is the current and potential harm to the ecosystem. Not only did 11 workers lose their lives in this catastrophe, but also there is the possibility that more people will become sick due to the chemicals BP is using to control the oil spill.emicals BP is using to control the oil spill.

  • The Effect on Natural Resources and Oil Drilling in California From The Lifting of the Ban on Offshore Drilling

    This article examines what will be the effect of the lifting of the ban on offshore drilling in California and shows why the “Drill Now” movement is not likely to produce a single extra barrel of oil from new offshore drilling platforms off the coast of California.

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