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  • Current Trends in Patent Litigation and Expert Witnesses

    Litigation due to patent infringement is an ongoing problem, and it tends to rise during certain periods over time. Since 2012, the amount of lawsuits over these issues has been the highest in several decades due to various individuals seeking either the same patents or attempting to reproduce the items of a currently patented creation.

  • How To Properly Describe An Invention For Your Patent Application

    Patent applications require up to five well-written descriptions which not only complement each other, but do not conflict.

  • Multiple Individuals Fighting for the Same Patent

    Patents are usually applied for by either a single individual or a group of persons that have invented a unique item or process to a pre-existing object. In some situations, the invention is a new method or process.

  • Intellectual Property Disputes and an Expert Witnessí Examination

    Intellectual property is owned by the person that designed, created or invented the item. However, there are many cases of infringement on the legal protections obtained to safeguard the object from public use, competitors and reproduction. If someone has been violating the patent, copyright, trade secret or trademark, a lawyer versed in this form of law is needed.

  • Design Patents: What They Can and Cannot Do

    Getting a patent is often useful and important for an inventor of a creation. However, what type of this intellectual property protection to obtain is often debated by the person applying. There are two main categories of these, and they affect different aspect of the patented work.

  • Steps to Take Immediately After Registering Your Trademark

    Trademarks are important to keeping the intellectual property of a phrase, words, symbol or image branded to the public and safe from possible generic use. When the idea or concept has been imagined and applied for a trademark through official channels, it is possible to safeguard the vision from others and fraudulent use.

  • How to Search for Existing Patents when Completing Your Patent Application

    The original creation of an inventor may be a remnant of an idea that was used previously by another individual. This is because numerous persons view items in the stores, online, through television and other media.

  • Legal Protections to Protect Your Ideas

    There are a few ways to protect original ideas persons have when creating a path to revenue or when someone wants to keep his or her work safe. When researching how to safeguard these ideas or creations, it is important to ensure the ways are safe and legal. This means that anything that may require access to restricted areas of the internet or servers that sound illegitimate should be avoided.

  • What Is a Utility Patent and What Does it Protect?

    Patents are legal ways of protecting an idea that is used to create and invention. It is the produced work that is guarded through the patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This manner of protecting an invented item lasts from fourteen to twenty years in most circumstances.

  • Software Patents and Alice in the Looking Glass

    The public tends to believe the purpose of the Patent Office is to issue patents. The facts paint a different conclusion.

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