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  • Brilliant Ideas Need Protection: Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents

    Brilliant ideas take many forms. It is important to know how to protect them. Learn more.

  • New Ruling on Where Patent Infringement Cases Can Be Litigated

    Intellectual property infringement is a serious problem throughout the world, but patents have been an important topic with the United States Supreme Court since the early 2000s. New rulings have been issued about how and where litigation is permitted based on the owner of the patent and how it affects others.

  • Patent Infringement Cases against the United States Government

    Patent infringement is possible with almost any person or entity including the United States government, agencies and agents. When these issues arise, the owner of the patent needs to know what to do, how to proceed, who to contact and why time is of the essence.

  • Supreme Court Decision Reduces Post-Sale Intellectual Property Rights

    Intellectual property rights are important to the owner, but this could change due to a sale of the IP based on changes implemented by the Supreme Court. Once a copyright, trademark or similar intellectual property has been sold, it no longer has the same rights it did prior to the sale, and this is important to understand for the owners.

  • Defending an Intellectual Property Claim Against Obviousness

    When intellectual property is in danger from various claims, it is important to protect it from the numerous issues that may arise. This may mean litigating against the government for claims against obviousness and other complications, and in doing so, it may be possible to ensure that trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets are safe from these issues.

  • Safe Harbor Provisions for Copyright Infringement

    Copyright infringement is easy to accomplish in the age of the computer and electronics. However, finding a safe haven through various provisions and stipulations is necessary for many that are wading through the various copyright protections so that they are able to remain safe from violations, infringements and breaking Internet Service Provider contracts.

  • Reasons Intellectual Property Is Imperative for Your Business

    Whether the owner of a business has created or own intellectual property, the use of it may be crucial to revenue and imperative to utilize as trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets become more important to the commerce realm. This means a lawyer should be hired to protect these items and keep the owner from committing violations.

  • Prototypes for New Products: Investment and Registration

    When attempting to sell a product, there are many issues that may arise such as registration and documentation problems. If these arise, it may be necessary to hire a lawyer to ensure the concern is valid or if a company is attempting to break a contract or release from the arrangement.

  • Role of an Intellectual Property Lawyer in Today’s World

    Intellectual property is the backbone for many business owners, and this means numerous lawyers are hired to assist with company matters. The role of an intellectual property lawyer may be different since the advent of technology increases and computers revolutionizing the business world, and this means a heightened awareness of what these items are and how they affect the company realm.

  • What Entrepreneurs Must Understand about Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property may be the backbone and foundation of a business venture, and it is crucial that entrepreneurs understand what these items are so they may profit and avoid violations. If the owner of a business has created some concept or work, he or she may be able to market it and keep it protected through intellectual property protections.

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