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  • What Is a Utility Patent and What Does it Protect?

    Patents are legal ways of protecting an idea that is used to create and invention. It is the produced work that is guarded through the patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This manner of protecting an invented item lasts from fourteen to twenty years in most circumstances.

  • Software Patents and Alice in the Looking Glass

    The public tends to believe the purpose of the Patent Office is to issue patents. The facts paint a different conclusion.

  • The Basics of Royalties and the Role Intellectual Property Plays

    One way that some businesses generate the funds that they need to launch and sustain their business is by using royalties. Investors consider the potential risk and return, making royalties a popular option to help minimize the risk. By preferring royalties over equity in a business, the investor can get back his or her investment faster in case having equity in the business represents too much risk.

  • Is My Great Idea Original? Conducting an Effective Patent Search

    In today’s world, everyone is always looking for the next big thing or the newest technology that will revolutionize an industry. However, with so many people in the world, it’s possible that the latest idea may not be all that original. A person can take his or her place in line with a patent, but the patent process can be laborious and expensive. This is why it pays to conduct an effective patent search. Some of the steps involved in this process include:

  • How to Legally Protect Your Inventions and Ideas

    An idea can be worth a million dollars – to you or to your competitor – which is why it is important to take steps to protect your inventions and ideas.

  • Ways to Minimize Risk When Bringing a New Product to Market

    It is essential when creating a concept for a new product that will be placed on the market to minimize risks that may affect acquiring a licensing deal, securing financial assistance and possible growth with revenue that may occur through the sales of the item.

  • What To Do Before You Disclose an Idea for an Invention

    A question high on the list of first asked questions to a Patent Attorney, is “what do I need to protect my idea before I talk to an investor, (a manufacturer or licensor), etc. The answer, or answers as a inventor should take multiple steps, are not complicated.

  • Is That a Patent, Trademark or Copyright?

    If you wouldn’t know a patent if one bit you [1], you are not alone. Most of the public doesn’t know the difference, and there are lawyers who are uncertain of the differences. Today, though, you are lucky enough to have this article in front of you to learn the difference. Bear in mind, however, this is just an overview. If you want to know more, refer to the footnotes.

  • Intellectual Property Rights for Small Business

    Protecting intellectual property is a critical early step in establishing a new business. The process can be complex, but the ability of a business to establish a brand and grow by steps depends on having exclusive use of intellectual property.

  • Patent Ownership is Not Based on The Date of Postmark

    The Postmark Is Dead. [This] refers to the notion that a person could prove inventorship and a date of invention by documenting the idea and sending the document through the Postal Service with the postmark as proof of the date of invention.

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